Critical Asian Studies (launched in 1968 as the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars) is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes scholarly articles and other materials that challenge the accepted formulas for understanding the Asia and Pacific regions, the world, and ourselves.

Current Issue: Vol. 50, No. 3 (September 2018)


The Life and Trial of Cho Un-kuk, Korean War Criminal
– Robert Cribb

Rural Informalities and Forest Squatters
in the Reserved Forests of Assam, India

– Anwesha Dutta

"Untouchable" Cellphones? Old Caste Exclusions
and New Digital Divides in Peri-Urban Bangalore

– Anant Kamath

Victim-Warriors and Iconic Heroines:
Photographs of Female Combatants in Aceh, Indonesia

– Elizabeth Drexler

The Mimicry of the State as a State Practice:
The Regulation of Rickshaw Licenses in Dhaka, Bangladesh

– Bert Suykens

The Evolving Narrative of Denial:
The Fraser Government and the Timorese Genocide, 1975-1980

– Peter Job


Reflections on Fabio Lanza's The End of Concern:
Maoist China, Activism, and Asian Studies

– Martha Winnacker

Book Reviews

"The Fate of the Earth:" Daniel Ellsberg and the Doomsday Machine
– Peter Van Ness

A Mission "Vast, Delicate," (and Impossible)
– Moss Roberts

Chinese Nationalism in the Twentieth Century
and the Last Gasp of Foreign Imperialism

– James Seymour

Human Rights, Modernization Theory, and China
– Robert Shepherd


Special Issue:
Education, buy alprazolam no prescription, Urbanization, and the Politics of Space on the Tibetan Plateau
– Emily Ting Yeh and Charlene Makely, guest editors

Bandung Humanisms: Towards a New Understanding of the Global South
– Soelin Aung, Cecilia Lee, Hong Liu, Pieter Vanhove, Tingyan Wang, Zhiguang Yin, and Taomou Zhou

Speaking from Ground Zero: The Bombing of North Korea in 1950
– Su-kyoung Hwang

Securing Hong Kong's Identity in the Colonial Past:
Strategic Essentialism and the Umbrella Movement
– John Lowe and Eileen Yuk-Ha Tsang