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Volume 49

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Volume 50

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Waging Peace on Okinawa

Gerald Figal

Volume 33, Number 1 - March 2001

War against an Ambiguous Enemy

U.S. Air Force Bombing of South Korean Civilian Areas, June–September 1950

Taewoo Kim

Volume 44, Number 2 - June 2012

War on Error and the Southern Fire: How terrorism analysts get it wrong

Rohan Gunaratna, Arabinda Acharya, and Sabrina Chua. Conflict and Terrorism in Southern Thailand. Singapore: Marshall Cavendish, 2005. xii + 211 pp.

Michael K. Connors

Volume 38, Number 1 - March 2006

War Trauma, Memories, and Truths

Representations of the Korean War in Pak Wan-so's Writings and in "Still Present Pasts"

Jeon Seung-Hee

Volume 42, Number 4 - December 2010

Was the Indian Labor Movement Ever Co-opted?

Evaluating Standard Accounts

Emmanuel Teitelbaum

Volume 38, Number 4 - December 2006

Washington's China

The National Security World, the Cold War, and the Origins of Globalism

Arif Dirlik

Volume 39, Number 2 - June 2007

Water Margins

Competing Paradigms in China

Gavan McCormack

Volume 33, Number 1 - March 2001

What History Cannot Write

Bei Dao and Recent Chinese Poetry

Ronald R. Janssen

Volume 34, Number 2 - June 2002

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