Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author of Book or Video Reviewed

The following list is organized alphabetically by the name of the author of the book reviewed. The reviewer's name is given and the title of the review (if not simply the title of the book), followed in brackets by the BCAS volume and issue number in which the review is found. You can figure out the year in which any particular volume ended by adding 1968 to the volume number.

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Wachman, Alan M., Taiwan: National Identity and Democratization

  • Mau-Kuei Michael Chang [28:3-4]

Wade, Robert, Governing the Market: Economic Theory and the Role of Government in East Asian Industrialization

  • Alex Choi - Statism and Asian Political Economy: Is There a New Paradigm? / A Review Essay [30:3]

Wakeman Jr., Frederic, Policing Shanghai, 1927-1937

  • Richard Lufrano [28:3-4]

Wales, Nym, and Kim San, Song of Arian: A Korean Communist in the Chinese Revolution

  • Bruce Cumings - The Life of a Korean Communist / A Review [6:3]

Walthall, Anne, Social Protest and Popular Culture in 18th Century Japan

  • W. Donald Burton - Rural and Urban Protest in Tokugawa Japan/ A Review Essay [21:1]

Wang Fan-hsi, Memoirs of a Chinese Revolutionary

  • Mobo C. F. Gao - Memoirs and Interpretation of the Cultural Revolution / A Review Essay [27:1]

Wang, Sung-hsing, and Raymond Apthorpe, Rice Farming in Taiwan

  • B. Stavis [7:3]

Wasmes, Alain, La peau du pachyderme

  • Pierre Brocheux - To Each His/Her Own Vietnam [11:1]

Weinstein, Franklin B., Indonesian Foreign Policy and the Dilemma of Dependence

  • Richard W. Franke - Imperialism and Dependence [9:4]

Weinstein, Martin E., Japan's Postwar Defense Policy, 1947-68

  • Gordon Bennett - The Academy on Japanese Foreign Policy: Nine Recent Books / A Review Essay [6:2]

Wells, Tom, The War Within: America's Battle over Vietnam

  • Marvin E. Gettleman [27:1]

Westmoreland, William, A Soldier Reports

  • Liane Ellison Norman - Fighting Imaginary Wars / A Review Essay [8:3]

White, Gordon, ed., Developmental States in East Asia

  • Robert B. Stauffer - Postcolonial Industrialization and NICdom: Myths and Lessons from East and Southeast Asia / A Review Essay [25:3]

White, Merry, The Japanese Educational Challenge: A Commitment to Children

  • John Lie - Japanese Education as Number One / A Review [21:1]

Whiting, Allen S., Siberian Development and East Asia

  • Jon Halliday [15:3]

Wickramasinghe, Nira, Ethnic Politics in Colonial Sri Lanka, 1927-1947

  • Shastri, Amita [29:2]

Widor, Claude, ed., Documents on the Chinese Democratic Movement 1978-1980

  • Ron Janssen - Intellectuals in Modern and Contemporary China/ A Review Essay [20:1]

Wilson, Dick, The Long March, 1935: The Epic of Chinese Communism's Survival

  • Anthony Garavente - Commentary: Solving the Mystery of the Long March, 1934-1936 [27:3]

Wilson, Dick, Zhou Enlai: A Biography

  • Judith Fay Kornberg - The Role of Biography in the Analysis of Chinese Politics / A Review Essay [21:1]

Winiecki, Jan, Resistance to Change in the Soviet Economic System: A Property Rights Approach

  • Harry Williams - Words Not Spoken: Recent Writings on Property and Change in China / A Review Essay [25:3]

Wintle, Justin, The Viet Nam Wars

  • Robert K. Brigham and Martin J. Murray - Conflicting Interpretations of the Vietnam War, 1945-75 / A Review Essay [26:1-2]

Wolf, Margery, and Roxanne Witke, Women in Chinese Society

  • Phyllis Andors - Studying Chinese Women: Review of Wolf and Witke, Women in Chinese Society [7:4]

Womack, Brantley, The Foundations of Mao Zedong's Political Thought, 1917-1935

  • Richard Levy - Mao, Maoism, and China / A Review Essay [16:4]

Wong, R. Bin, China Transformed: Historical Change and the Limits of European Experience

  • Peter C. Perdue - The Shape of the World: Asian Continents and the Scraggy Isthmus of Europe / Review Essay [30:4]

Wong, Siu-lun, Sociology and Socialism in Contemporary China

  • Bobby Siu [13:2]

Wong Young-tsu, Search for Modern Nationalism

  • Peter Zarrow - Nationalism and Alienation in Modern China / A Review Essay [26:1-2]

World Bank, China: Long Term Development Issues and Options

  • Wolfgang Deckers - World Bank Plans for China / A Review [22:1]

Wright, Peter, Spycatcher: The Candid Autobiography of a Senior Intelligence Officer

  • A. Tom Grunfeld - The Shanghai Syndrome: Spies and Politics, East and West / A Review Essay [22:2]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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