Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author of Book or Video Reviewed

The following list is organized alphabetically by the name of the author of the book reviewed. The reviewer's name is given and the title of the review (if not simply the title of the book), followed in brackets by the BCAS volume and issue number in which the review is found. You can figure out the year in which any particular volume ended by adding 1968 to the volume number.

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Caldwell, Malcolm, ed., Ten Years of Military Terror in Indonesia

  • Robert Lawless - Four Books on Indonesia by Caldwell, Franke, Freney, and Hill / A Review Essay [9:4]

Callison, Stuart C., The Land-to-the-Tiller Program and Rural Resource Mobilization in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam

  • Serge Thion - Current Research on Vietnam / A Review Essay [10:4]

Can Xue, Dialogues in Paradise

  • Louise Edwards - Broadening Horizons: Representations of Women in Asia / A Review Essay [24:1]

Catholic Institute for International Relations, European Companies in the Philippines

  • Charles W. Lindsey [22:4]

Ch'i, Hsi-sheng, Nationalist China at War: Military Defeats and Political Collapse, 1937-45

  • Brad Geisert [16:2]

Chaloemtiarana, Thak, Thailand, the Politics of Despotic Paternalism

  • Carl Trocki - Power and Paradigms / A Review Essay [13:2]

Chamberlain, Michael, ed., East Timor International Conference Report

  • Richard Franke [13:2]

Chan, Anita, Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet, and Jonathan Unger, eds., Transforming Asian Socialism: China and Vietnam Compared

  • Gene Cooper [32:3]

Chang Hao, Chinese Intellectuals in Crisis: Search for Order and Meaning

  • Peter Zarrow - The 1911 Revolution in China / A Review Essay [20:1]

Chang Jung, Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

  • Mobo C. F. Gao - Memoirs and Interpretation of the Cultural Revolution / A Review Essay [27:1]

Chant funebre pour Phnom Penh et Saigon

  • Pierre Brocheux - To Each His/Her Own Vietnam [11:1]

Chatterjee, Partha, Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World: A Derivative Discourse?

  • Kenyalang - "Your Slavery Is Their Liberty, Your Poverty Is Their Prosperity" / A Review Essay [27:1]

Chattopadhyaya, Debiprasad, Knowledge and Intervention: Studies in Society and Consciousness

  • Douglas Allen - Chattopadhyaya's Marxian Interpretation of Indian Philosophy, History, and Society / A Review Essay [19:2]

Chen Erjin, Crossroads Socialism: An Unofficial Manifesto for Proletarian Democracy

  • Ron Janssen - China's Troubled Culture / A Review Essay [22:2]

Chen Shenshen, ed., On the Question of Ownership and Property Rights

  • Harry Williams - Words Not Spoken: Recent Writings on Property and Change in China / A Review Essay [25:3]

Chen Xuezhao, Surviving the Storm: A Memoir

  • Mobo C. F. Gao - Memoirs and Interpretation of the Cultural Revolution / A Review Essay [27:1]

Chin, Frank, The Chickencoop Chinaman and the Year of the Dragon: Two Plays

  • A. D. Haun [16:1]

Chin, John M., The Sarawak Chinese

  • Kenyalang [16:2]

Chomsky, Noam, et al., The Cold War and the University: Toward an Intellectual History of the Postwar Years

  • Vijay Prashad [31:4]

Chomsky, Noam, and Edward S. Herman, Bains de Sang

  • Serge Thion - Current Research on Vietnam / A Review Essay [10:4]

Chomsky, Noam, and Howard Zinn, eds., The Pentagon Papers, vol.5

  • Richard Kagan [6:2]

Chou Bih-er, et al., Women in Taiwan Politics: Overcoming Barriers to Women's Participation in a Modernizing Society

  • Linda Gail Arrigo - Women in East Asian Politics / A Review Essay [25:1]

Chow, Rey, Primitive Passions: Visuality, Sexuality, Ethnography, and Contemporary Chinese Cinema

  • Yingjin Zhang - Screening China: Recent Studies of Chinese Cinema in English [29:3]

Chow, Roy, Women and Chinese Modernity: The Politics of Reading Between West and East

  • Ronald R. Janssen - Subversive Moments-Recent Studies of Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature / A Review Essay [26:4]

Chugh, R. L., and J. S. Uppal, Black Economy in India

  • Kamal Nayan Kabra [22:3]

Ci, Jiwei, Dialectic of the Chinese Revolution: From Utopianism to Hedonism

  • Mobo Gao - Chinese Reality and Writings by Chinese Expatriates / A Review Essay [30:3]

Ciccarelli, Betty, Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan (video)

  • Richard Kagan, with Michael J. Fonte [31:1]

Clammer, John, Difference and Modernity: Social Theory and Contemporary Japanese Society

  • Sonia Ryang [28:3-4]

Clubb, O. Edmund, The Witness and I

  • Richard C. Kagan - Thomas' The Institute of Pacific Relations and Clubb's The Witness and I / A Review Essay [8:2]

Clymer, Kenton J., Protestant Missionaries in the Philippines, 1898-1916

  • Kenyalang - Are Not Religion and Politics the Same Thing? / A Review Essay [22:4]

Clymer, Kenton J., Quest for Freedom: The United States and India's Independence

  • Hassan N. Gardezi [27:3]

Cohen, Joan Lebold, The New Chinese Painting, 1949-1986

  • Ronald R. Janssen - Words About Pictures / A Review Essay [23:4]

Cohen, Avner, Israel and the Bomb

  • S. P. Udayakumar - Nukes as a Way of Life? Contextualizing the Nuclear Madness in South Asia / review essay [31:2]

Cohen, Paul A., Discovering History in China

  • Lin Tongqi - The China-Centered Approach: Traits, Tendencies, and Tensions / A Review Essay [18:4]

Cole, James, The People Versus the Taipings: Bao Lisheng's "Righteous Army of Dongan"

  • Timothy Brook - Friends and Enemies of the People / A Review Essay [15:2]

Cole, Robert E., Japanese Blue Collar

  • Joe Moore - The Japanese Worker / A Review Essay [6:3]

Coleman, Samuel, Family Planning in Japanese Society: Traditional Birth Control in a Modern Urban Culture

  • Nancy Sharts Engel [17:2]

Collins, J., and F. Lappe, Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity

  • Steve Lewontin - Hunger / A Review Essay [10:1]

Committee for the Compilation of Materials on the Damage Caused by the Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Physical, Medical, and Social Effects of the Atomic Bombings

  • Glenn D. Hook [14:2]

Cook, Haruko Taya, and Theodore F. Cook, Japan at War: An Oral History

  • Robert Albon [27:2]

Crane, Daniel M., and Thomas A. Breslin, An Ordinary Relationship: American Opposition to Republican Revolution in China

  • Peter Zarrow - The 1911 Revolution in China / A Review Essay [20:1]

Croizier, Ralph, Art and Revolution in Modern China: The Lingnan (Cantonese) School of Painting, 1906-1951

  • Ronald R. Janssen - Words About Pictures / A Review Essay [23:4]

Croll, Elisabeth, Changing Identities of Chinese Women: Rhetoric, Experience and Self-Perception in Twentieth Century China

  • Louise Edwards - Gender and Ethnicity: Interventions in China Studies / A Review Essay [30:2]

Croll, Elisabeth, The Women's Movement in China: A Selection of Readings, 1949-1973

  • Linda S. Pomerantz - Four Books on Women in China [10:3]

Crossley, Pamela, Orphan Warriors,

  • Peter Zarrow - Nationalism and Alienation in Modern China / A Review Essay [26:1-2]

Cullather, Nick, Illusions of Influence: The Political Economy of United States-Philippine Relations, 1942-1960

  • Stephen R. Shalom [28:3-4]

Cullather, Nick, ed., Managing Nationalism: United States National Security Council Documents on the Philippines, 1953-1960

  • Stephen R. Shalom [28:3-4]

Cultural Survival, Inc., Southeast Asian Tribal Groups and Ethnic Minorities: Prospects for the Eighties and Beyond

  • Philip Hirsch - Marginal People on Marginal Land / A Review Essay [22:4]

Cumings, Bruce, The Origins of the Korean War

  • Hugh Deane - On the Deadly Parallel: A Review with Reminiscence [15:3]

Cumings, Bruce, The Origins of the Korean War: Volume 2, The Roaring of the Cataract, 1947-1950

  • Callum MacDonald - Rediscovering History: New Light on an Unknown War / A Review Essay [24:4]

Cumings, Bruce, War and Television

  • Douglas Kellner [25:2]

Custers, Peter, Capital Accumulation and Women's Labor in Asian Economies

  • Paresh Chattopadhyay: "Women's Labor under Capitalism and Marx / review essay [31:4]

Custers, Peter, Women in the Tebhaga Uprising: Rural Poor Women and Revolutionary Leadership, 1946-47

  • Dolores F. Chew - Women's History and Peasant Revolts: the Tebhaga and Telengana Struggles / A Review Essay [23:1]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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