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Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Aberle, Kathleen (see under Kathleen Gough)

Abinales, Patricio N.

  • Church and State and Church as State in the Philippines / review essay [28:2]

  • Review of Booty Capitalism: The Politics of Banking in the Philippines, by Paul D. Hutchcroft [31:3]

Abraham, Itty

  • Nuclear Power and Human Security [31:2]

Adams, Jean W.

  • The Utilization of Surplus Labor in the People's Republic of China [11:4]

Adams, Nina

  • Self-Censorship [3:2]

  • Teaching About the Vietnam War: Bringing It All Home to the Classroom [21:2-4]

Addleton, Jonathan

  • Taher's Last Testiment / A Review [13:4]

Aguila, Concepcion

  • Detention Camp: Manila [6:4]

Aguilar, Mila D.

  • Poems [18:3]

Ahmad, Eqbal

  • America and Russia in South Asia: Conflict or Collusion? [6:1]

  • Notes on South Asia in Crisis [4:1]

  • South Asia in Crisis and India's Counterinsurgency War Against the Nagas and Mizos [5:1]

  • Theories of Counterinsurgency [3:2]

Ahmed, Feroz

  • The Struggle for Bangladesh [4:1]

Alam, Anis

  • Nuclear Bombs: Poor Country's Short Cut to International Notoriety [31:2]

Alam, Mohammed B.

  • Bangladesh: Society, Politics, and Bureaucracy / A Review [22:1]

Alam, S. M. Shamsul

  • Democratic Politics and the Fall of the Military Regime in Bangladesh [27:3]

Albon, Robert

  • Japan at War: An Oral History, by Haruko Taya Cook and Theodore F. Cook (short review) [27:2]

  • Rich Nation, Strong Army: National Security and the Technical Transformation of Japan, by Richard Samuels (short review) [27:2]

Alexander, William M.

  • The Kerala Model of Development: A Debate (Part 2). Economics as if People Mattered: The Kerala Case [30:4]

Allen, Douglas

  • Antiwar Asian Scholars and the Vietnam/Indochina War [21:2-4]

  • Chattopadhyaya's Marxian Interpretation of Indian Philosophy, History, and Society/A Review Essay [19:2]

  • Is Academic Freedom Still a Viable Principle? [3:2]

  • Universities and the Vietnam War: A Case Study of a Successful Struggle [8:4]

Amer, Ramses

  • The United Nations and Kampuchea: The Issue of Representation and Its Implications [22:3]

Amhad, Saghir

  • Peasant Classes in Pakistan [4:1]

Amnesty International

  • East Timor as Violence Descended: Testimonies from East Timorese Refugees [32:1-2]

Anderson, Benedict

  • Withdrawal Symptoms: Social and Cultural Aspects of the October 6 Coup [9:3]

Andors, Phyllis

  • The Four Modernizations and Chinese Policy on Women [13:2]

  • Social Revolution and Women's Emancipation: China During the Great Leap Forward [7:1]

  • Studying Chinese Women: Review of Wolf and Witke, Women in Chinese Society [7:4]

  • Women and Work in Shenzhen [20:3]

Andors, Stephen

  • The Dynamics of Mass Campaigns in Chinese Industry: Initiators, Leaders, and Participants in the Great Leap Forward, The Cultural Revolution, and the Campaign to Criticize Lin Biao and Confucius [8:4]

  • Hobbes and Weber vs. Marx and Mao: The Political Economy of Decentralization in China [6:3]

  • An Open Letter / A Response to the Stanford East Asian Collective #1 [9:4]

  • The Political and Organizational Implications of China's New Economic Policies, 1976-79 [12:2]

Angeles, Leonora C.

  • The Rich, the Poor, and the Hungry: Gender Discourses on Development and the Distribution of Power, Property, and Privilege in Asia / Review Essay [31:4]

Anglim, John

  • Palau: Constitution for Sale [22:1]


  • Indian Defense Forces and Arms Production [13:1]

Arlin, Geoffrey

  • Martial Law in the Philippines: Two Years Later [6:4]

Arrigo, Linda Gail

  • A Brief Report on Taiwan's National Legislative Yuan Elections, 19 December 1992 [25:1]

  • The Environmental Nightmare of the Economic Miracle: Land Abuse and Land Struggles in Taiwan [26:1-2]

  • The Industrial Work Force of Young Women in Taiwan [12:2]

  • A View of the United Nations Conference on Human Rights, June 1993 [25:3]

  • Women in East Asian Politics / A Review Essay [25:1]

Association of Indian Progressive Study Groups

  • Political Implications of the Demolition of the Babri Mosque [25:4]

Atsumi Reiko

  • Dilemmas and Accommodations of Married Japanese Women in White-Collar Employment [20:3]

Avery, Bryant (see also Livingston, Jon)

  • Syllabi for a Course on the History and Society of Traditional China [9:1]

  • Teaching China in College: Nine Texts / A Review Essay [6:4]

Aziz, Nikhil

  • The Human Rights Debate in an Era of Globalization: Hegemony of Discourse [27:4]


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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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