Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Kabra, Kamal Nayan

  • Black Economy in India / A Review [22:3]

Kagan, Leigh

  • Proposals [1:1]

  • A Statement of Directions [1:1]

Kagan, Richard C.

  • Can We Study Chinese in Taiwan? [1:2]

  • Chomsky and Zinn (eds) The Pentagon Papers, vol.5 [6:2]

  • Disarming Memories: Japanese, Korean, and American Literature on the Vietnam War [32:4]

  • Martial Law in Taiwan [14:3]

  • McCarran's Legacy: The Association for Asian Studies [1:4]

  • Thomas' The Institute of Pacific Relations and Clubb's The Witness and I / A Review Essay [8:2]

Kagan, Richard C., and Norma Diamond

  • Solomon's Mao's Revolution and the Chinese Political Culture / A Review [5:1]

Kagan, Richard, with Michael J. Fonte

  • Review of Tug of War: The Story of Taiwan, by Judith Vecchione, producer and director [31:1]

Kahin, George McT.

  • The Making of Southeast Asian Studies: Cornell's Experience [29:1]

Kahn, Joel S.

  • From Peasants to Petty Commodity Production in Southeast Asia [14:1]

Kalpagam, U.

  • Coping with Urban Poverty in India [17:1]

Kamata Sadao and Stephen Salaff

  • The Atomic Bomb and the Citizens of Nagasaki [14:2]

Kamble, Arun

  • The Life We Live / A Poem [10:3]

Kang Sugwon

  • Flight 007: Was There Foul Play? [17:2]

  • The Politics and Poetry of Kim Chi-ha [9:2]

  • President Park and His Learned Friends: Some Observations on Contemporary Korean Statecraft [7:4]

Kang Sugwon, Michael K. Launer, Marilyn J. Young

  • KAL Flight 007 / Correspondence [18:3]

Kapoor, Ashish

  • Big Dams in India / Debate [31:4]

Kashiwagi Hirosuke

  • A Translation of Hayashi Kyoko's Procession on a Cloudy Day (kumoribi no koshin) [25:1]

Kawamura Nozomu

  • Fukutake Tadashi: Rural Sociologist of Postwar Japan [16:2]

Keeler, Ward

  • Response to Paul Strange's Deconstruction as Disempowerment: New Orientalisms of Java [23:3]

Kelemen, Paul

  • How Pol Pot Came to Power / A Review Essay [20:4]

Kelkar, Govind, and Wang Yunxian

  • Farmers, Women, and Economic Reform in China [29:4]

Kellner, Douglas

  • War and Television / A Review [25:2]

Kemasang, A. R. T.

  • The 1740 Massacre of Chinese in Java: Curtain Raiser for the Dutch Plantation Economy [14:1]

Kendall, Laurel (see Guldin, Greg)

Kennett, David

  • Economics, Imperialism, and Restorative Revolution [13:1]


  • Are Not Religion and Politics the Same Thing? / A Review Essay [22:4]

  • "Earth Provides Enough to Satisfy Every Man's Need, But Not for Every Man's Greed" / Review Essay [31:3]

  • May Day, 1985 [18:3]

  • The Sarawak Chinese by John M. Chin / A Review [16:2]

  • "Your Slavery Is Their Liberty, Your Poverty Is Their Prosperity" / A Review Essay [27:1]

Kerkvliet, Benedict J.

  • Additional Source Materials on Philippine Radical Movements [3:3-4]

  • Martial Law in Nueva Ecija Village, the Philippines [14:4]

  • The Philippines: Agrarian Conditions in Luzon Prior to Martial Law [5:2]

Khan, Jabbar

  • A Call for Action [26:1-2]

Khondker, Habibul Haque

  • Bangladesh: A Case of Below Poverty Level Equilibrium Trap by Mohiuddin Alamgir / A Short Review [15:3]

Khu, Josephine M. T.

  • Student Organization in the 1989 Chinese Democracy Movement [22:3]

Kidd, Ross, and Mamunur Rashid

  • Theater by the People, for the People, and of the People: People's Theater and Landless Organizing in Bangladesh [16:1]

Kiernan, Ben

  • The Cambodian Crisis, 1990-1992: The UN Plan, the Khmer Rouge, and the State of Cambodia [24:2]

  • The Genocide in Cambodia, 1975-79 [22:2]

  • New Light on the Origin of the Vietnam-Kampuchea Conflict [12:4]

  • Orphans of Genocide: The Cham Muslims of Kampuchea Under Pol Pot [20:4]

  • Vietnam and the Governments and People of Kampuchea [11:4]

  • William Shawcross, Declining Cambodia / A Review Essay [18:1]

Kiljunen, Kimmo

  • Power Politics and the Tragedy of Kampuchea During the Seventies [17:2]

Kim Chi-ha

  • A Declaration of Conscience [9:2]

Kim Joochul

  • Urban Redevelopment of Greenbelt-Area Villages: A Case Study of Seoul Korea [23:2]

  • Urban Struggle: A Tale of Sanggye-Dong, Seoul, Korea [23:2]

Kimijima Kazuhiko

  • The Japan-South Korea Joint Study Group on History Textbooks and the Continuing Legacy of Japanese Colonialism [30:2]

King, Dwight Y.

  • Human Rights Practices and the Indonesian Middle Class [19:1]

King, Marjorie

  • The Gospel of Gentility: American Women Missionaries in Turn-of-the-Century China by Jane Hunter / A Review Essay [18:4]

Kingston, Jeff

  • Review of The Emptiness of Japanese Affluence, by Gavan McCormack [31:3]

Kipnis, Andrew B.

  • Review of Other Modernities: Gendered Yearnings in China after Socialism, by Lisa Rofel [32:3]

Kirkland, Russell

  • The Study of Religion and Society in Contemporary Asia [28:3-4]

Kiste, Robert C., and R. A. Herr

  • Potential for Soviet Penetration of the South Pacific Islands: An Assessment [18:2]

Klare, Michael

  • The Nixon-Kissinger Doctrine and America's Pacific Basin Strategy [7:2]

  • Restructuring the Empire: The Nixon Doctrine after Vietnam Brodine and Selden (eds), The Kissinger-Nixon Doctrine / A Review [5:2]

Knight, Nick

  • Mao Zedong's Thought and Chinese Marxism / A Review Essay [25:2]

  • On Contradiction and on Democracy: Contrasting Perspectives on Causation and Social Change in the Thought of Mao Zedong [22:2]

Ko Won

  • Kim Chi-ha: A Poet of Blood and Fire [9:2]

Kobayashi, Audrey

  • Rebellion and Democracy in Meiji Japan: A Study of Commoners in the Popular Rights Movement by Roger W. Bowen / A Review [16:2]

Koen, Ross

  • Two Postscripts to the McCarran Hearings [1:4]

Kohen, Arnold S. (see also Franke, Richard W.)

  • The Catholic Church and the Independence of East Timor [32:1-2]

Kohl, Stephen W.

  • Reality and Fiction in Modern Japanese Literature by Noriko Mizuta Lippit / A Review [14:2]

Kolko, Gabriel

  • The Philippines: Another Vietnam? [5:1]

  • The Political Significance of the Center for Vietnamese Studies and Programs [3:2]

Kornberg, Judith Fay

  • The Role of Biography in the Analysis of Chinese Politics / A Review Essay [21:1]

Ku Yen-lin

  • The Feminist Movement in Taiwan, 1972-87 [21:1]

Kung Chung-wu

  • A New May Fourth Movement? [3:3-4]

Kunzle, David

  • Festival and Revolution in the Highlands of Vietnam: A Vietnamese Artist Shows How the Revolution Comes to a Mountain People in Central Vietnam [24:4]

Kuo, Alexander

  • New Letters from Hiroshima / A Poem [5:2 & 10:2]

Kurihara Sadako

  • America, Land of Mercy / poem [27:2]

Kurtenbach, Elaine

  • Peasants and Politics in Kampuchea, 1942-1981, by Ben Kiernan and Chanthou Boua / A Review [16:4]

Kwitko, Ludmilla (see So, Alvin Y.)

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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