Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Lai, H. M.

  • A Historical Survey of Organizations of the Left Among the Chinese in America [4:3]

Lakha, Salim

  • Organized Labor and Militant Unionism: The Bombay Textile Workers' Strike of 1982 [20:2]

Lal, Radhika

  • A Report on the Concerned South Asians Coalition: One Year After Ayodhya [25:4]

Larcom, Richard

  • The Diplomacy of Disregard [2:1]

Larsen, Jensine

  • Crude Investment: The Case of the Yadana Pipeline in Burma [30:3]

Lasek, Elizabeth

  • Imperialism in China: A Methodological Critique [15:1]

Lau Pok-chi and Jonathan Unger

  • Between Mao and Manna: A Photo-Essay on the Chinese Countryside in Transition [21:1]

Launer, Michael K., Marilyn J. Young, and Kang Sugwon

  • KAL Flight 007 / Correspondence [18:3]

Launius, Michael A.

  • The State and Industrial Labor in South Korea [16:4]

Lawless, Robert

  • Four Books on Indonesia by Caldwell, Franke, Freney, and Hill / A Review Essay [9:4]

  • Sound of the Mountains / A Review Essay [15:4]

Layer, Robert G.

  • Reforming the Center [3:2]

Lee, Ann

  • The Kwangju Uprising and Poetry by Ko Chong-hui, a Writer of South Cholla [29:4]

Lee, Edmund

  • Economic Reform in Post-Mao China: An Insider's View [15:1]

Leiserson, Michael

  • Comments on Dore (on modernization) [1:3]

Lent, John A.

  • The Restructuring of Mass Media in Malaysia and Singapore: Pounding in the Coffin's Nails? [16:4]

Lerner, Elinor

  • The Chinese Peasantry and Imperialism: A Critique of Chalmers Johnson's Peasant Nationalism and Communist Power [6:2]

Levang, Patrice

  • From Rags to Riches in Sumatra: How Peasants Shifted from Food Self-Sufficiency to Market-Oriented Tree Crops in Six Years [29:2]

Lever-Tracy, Constance, and Noel Tracy

  • A Rejoinder to the Hart-Landsberg/Burkett Critique of the "Mismatch Model" [31:4]

  • The Three Faces of Capitalism and the Asian Crisis [31:3]

Levine, Steven I.

  • Simmons' The Strained Alliance / A Review [8:3]

Levy, Richard

  • Analyzing China's Socialist Revolution/A Review Essay [9:4]

  • Mao, Maoism, and China / A Review Essay [16:4]

Lewandowski, Susan

  • Cultural Revolt in Colonial Society by Gail Omvedt / A Review [11:2]

Lewontin, Steve

  • Hunger / A Review Essay [10:1]

Lie, John J. (see also Fitzgerald, John)

  • Fascist Japan as Number One / A Review Essay [19:3]

  • Japanese Education as Number One / A Review [21:1]

  • MITI as Number One: Ideology and Industrial Policy / A Review Essay [17:4]

  • Moral Ambiguity, Disciplinary Power, and Academic Freedom [29:1]

  • The "Problem" of Foreign Workers in Contemporary Japan [26:3]

  • Rethinking the Miracle: Economic Growth and Political Struggles in South Korea / A Review [23:4]

Lim Mah Hui

  • Capitalism and Industrialization in Malaysia [14:1]

Lim Mah Hui and P. Ramasamy

  • Three Books on Malaysia / A Review Essay [12:2]

Lin, Sharat G.

  • Shankar Guha Niyogi: Beyond Conventional Trade Unionism in India [24:3]

Lin, Sharat G., and Madan C. Paul

  • Bangladeshi Migrants in Delhi: Social Insecurity, State Power, and Captive Vote Banks [27:1]

Lin, Sharat G., and Nagashwar Patnaik

  • Migrant Labor at ASIAD '82 Construction Sites in New Delhi [14:3]

Lin Tongqi

  • The China-Centered Approach: Traits, Tendencies, and Tensions / A Review Essay [18:4]

Lin, Vivian

  • Productivity First: Japanese Management Methods in Singapore [16:4]

Lindsey, Charles W.

  • A Contract for Underdevelopment / A Review [25:1]

  • European Companies in the Philippines / A Review [22:4]

  • Marcos and Martial Law in the Philippines by D.A. Rosenberg / A Review [12:3]

  • The Philippine State and Transnational Investment [19:2]

  • Southeast Asia in the 1980s: The Politics of Economic Crisis / A Review [24:3]

  • Unequal Alliance: The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund, and the Philippines / A Review [22:4]

Linenthal, Edward T.

  • Between History and Memory: The Enola Gay Controversy at the National Air and Space Museum [27:2]

Lipman, Jonathan N.

  • Beautiful Merchandise: Prostitution in China, 1860-1936 by Sue Gronewald / A Review [16:1]

Lippit, Noriko Mizuta

  • Affirming the Other's Madness: Feminism in Translation / A Response to Sandra Buckley [20:3]

  • Literature, Ideology, and Women's Happiness: The Autobiographical Novels of Miyamoto Yuriko [10:2]

Lippit, Victor

  • Economic Development and Welfare in China [4:2]

  • The People's Communes and China's New Development Strategy [13:3]

Litzinger, Ralph A.

  • Questions of Gender: Ethnic Minority Representation in China [32:4]

Liu Ban-nong

  • A Paper Window Between / Poem [8:1]

Livingston, Jon (see also Peck, James)

  • Prospects for Graduate-Level Asian Studies in Canada [1:1]

Livingston, Jon, Bryant Avery, Joe Moore, Bill and Nancy Doub

  • The Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars from the Perspective of Past and Present Managing Editors [21:2-4]

Lo-Lim, Miriam

  • Five Books on World Hunger / A Review [13:3]

Lohmann, Larry

  • Peasants, Plantations, and Pulp: The Politics of Eucalyptus in Thailand [23:4]

Long, Don

  • Repression and Development in the Periphery: South Korea [9:2]

Louie, Kam

  • Searching for Cultural Roots: Rediscovering Things That Confucius Did Not Say / review essay [27:3]

Luce, Don (see Bonacci, Mark)

Lufrano, Richard

  • The 1988 Nanjing Incident: Notes on Race and Politics in Contemporary China [26:1-2]

  • Nanjing Spring: The 1989 Student Movement in a Provincial Capital [24:1]

  • Policing Shanghai / Book review [28:3-4]

Luh, Catherine L., and David A. Wilson

  • Acupuncture, Politics, and Medicine / A Review Essay [10:1]

Lum Wing Tek, Sam Tagatak, Lawson Fussao Inada, and Shawn Hsu Wong

  • Poetry [4:3]

Lutz, Catherine

  • The Compact of Free Association, Micronesian Non-Independence, and US Policy [18:2]

Luyt, Brendan J.

  • Philippine Forests / Book review [28:3-4]

  • Plundering Paradise: The Struggle for the Environment in the Philippines, by Robin Broad with John Cavanagh [28:1]

Ly Chanh Trung

  • Why Do I Want Peace / Translated and with an Introductory Note by Ngo Vinh Long [1:3]

Ly Phuong Lien (see To Huu)

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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