Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Ma Ke

  • Man and Wife Learn to Read / A One Act Play Translated by D. Holm [8:2]

MacDonald, Callum

  • Rediscovering History: New Light on an Unknown War / A Review Essay [24:4]

  • So Terrible a Liberation: The UN Occupation of North Korea [23:2]

MacEwen, Arthur

  • Pakistan, Economic Change, and Social Scientists [1:4]

MacKinnon, Jan and Steve

  • Agnes Smedley: A Working Introduction [7:1]

MacKinnon, Stephen

  • Imperialism and Chinese Nationalism: Germany in Shantung by John F. Schrecker / A Review [9:1]

Madrid, Robin

  • Islamic Students in the Indonesian Student Movement, 1998-1999: Forces for Moderation [31:3]

Mahajani, Usha

  • Aliens, Ambassadors, and Academic Freedom: Moynihan vs. the First Amendment [6:4]

  • American Neocolonialism in the Philippines: Alejandro Lichauco's The Lichauco Paper / A Review [6:4]

  • Comment on Eqbal Ahmad's Notes on South Asia in Crisis [4:4]

Mahinay, Nita (see Selden, Mark)

Malik, Baljit

  • I Want to Live / Cinema Review [11:1]

  • Tongpan/Cinema Review [11:1]

Mann, Lewis

  • Some Effects of Foreign Investment: The Case of Malaysia [9:4]

Mao Dun

  • From Guling to Tokyo / Essay [8:1]

  • In Front of the Pawn Shop / Short Story [8:1]

Margold, Jane A.

  • Democratization and Bureaucratic Dominance in Hong Kong: Perspectives from a Short-lived University Students' Movement [32:3]

Mark, Dianne

  • Stepping Across, Being a Sister / Poetry [4:3]

Markowitz, Michael

  • Simonsen and Dunnigan's The East is Red: A Simulation of a Sino-Soviet War [6:2]

Marks, Robert B.

  • Are We Concerned Yet? Environmental Crisis and Economic Development in China / Book review [28:3-4]

  • Class Relations and the Origins of Rural Revolution in a South China County [15:1]

Marr, David

  • Intellectual Functionaries [3:2]

  • The State of the Social Sciences in Vietnam [10:4]

  • Vietnamese Sources [4:1]

Marshall, Jonathan

  • The Institute of Pacific Relations: Politics and Polemics [8:2]

  • Opium and the Politics of Gangsterism in Nationalist China, 1927-1945 [8:3]

Martin, Earl

  • A Child of Son My [3:2]

  • A Journey to My Lai and Beyond [10:4]

Mather, Celia E.

  • Industrialization in the Tangerang Regency of West Java [15:2]

Mathew, Biju, and Jagdish Parikh

  • The Web as a Marginalizing Technology: The Structure of Web-Based Resources on South Asia [28:3-4]

Mathew, P. M.

  • Women's Industrial Employment in Kerala, India [18:3]

Mathews, Gordon

  • Heunggongyahn: On the Past, Present, and Future of Hong Kong Identity [29:3]

Matson, Jim

  • Class Struggles in Cooperative Development: The Subordination of Labor in the Cooperative Sugar Industry of Maharashtra, India [15:3]

Maxwell, Neville

  • The Sino-Soviet Boundary Question: Tai Sung An's The Sino-Soviet Territorial Dispute / A Review [6:2]

May, R. J.

  • Mutual Respect, Friendship, and Cooperation? The Indonesian-Papua New Guinea Border and Its Effects on Relations Between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia [19:4]

McAndrew, John P.

  • Indigenous Adaptation to a Rapidly Changing Economy: The Experience of Two Tampuan Villages in Northeast Cambodia / Field Study Report [32:4]

McCaughey, James

  • Poems, memoir, and refugee statements (compiler) [32:1-2]

McCormack, Gavan

  • The Japanese Movement to "Correct" History [30:2]

  • The Mitsui Empire: John Roberts' Mitsui: Three Centuries of Japanese Business / A Review [6:4]

  • Nineteen-Thirties Japan: Fascism? [14:2]

  • North Korea: Kimilsungism--Path to Socialism? [13:4]

McCormack, Gavan, et al.

  • Mountains Collapse: The Death of Hirohito [21:1]

McCoy, Alfred W.

  • Land Reform as Counter-Revolution [3:1]

  • Subcontracting Counterinsurgency: Academics in Thailand 1954-1970 [3:2]

McCoy, Alfred W., and Angus McDonald

  • Pan Am Makes the Going Great [2:2]

McCully, Patrick

  • The Deadly Kedung Ombo Resettlement Fiasco [26:4]

  • Resolution on Narmada and the World Bank [26:4]

McDonald, Angus (see also McCoy, Alfred W.)

  • The Historian's Quest: Joseph R. Levenson [2:3]

McDonald, Angus W., Edward Friedman, and David Barkin

  • Food Self-Sufficiency in North Korea / Correspondence [19:2]

McGowan, Lisa A.

  • Bridging the Gender Gap [26:4]

McIntyre, Angus

  • Megawati Sukarnoputri: From President's Daughter to Vice President [32:1-2]

Mei Jin (see Zhang Kangkang)

Meisner, Maurice J.

  • The Chinese Rediscovery of Karl Marx: Some Reflections on Post-Maoist Chinese Marxism [17:3]

  • Commentary (on Su Shaozhi) [20:1]

Meisner, Maurice, and Marc Blecher

  • Rural Development, Agrarian Structure and the County in China [13:2]

Menras, Andre

  • How America Mocked the Ceasefire: Vietnam Since the Paris Agreement [6:4]

Mhatre, Sharayu (see Mody, Susan)

Micronesia Support Committee

  • Marshall Islands: America's Radioactive Trust / A Photo Essay [14:2]

Mies, Maria

  • Capitalist Development and Subsistence [12:1]

  • Indian Women and Leadership [7:1]

Mihalopoulos, Bill

  • The Making of Prostitutes: The Karayuki-san [25:1]

Miller, Char

  • Melos Redux: Nuclear Imperialism in the Pacific / A Review Essay [22:1]

Millikin, David

  • Introduction to Violence and the Military Coup [9:3]

Minear, Richard H.

  • The Atomic Bomb Paintings / A Review [19:4]

  • Douglas Pike and the NLF [2:1]

  • Five Poems (1974-91) by the Hiroshima Poet Kurihara Sadako / Translation [23:1]

  • Four Poems (1941-45) by the Hiroshima Poet Kurihara Sadako / Translation [21:1]

  • An Underwater National Park at Bikini, or How I Learned to Scuba Dive and Stop Worrying about the Atomic Bomb / A Review Essay [26:4]

Minn Chung

  • Chronology of Crisis: Important Developments for Peace, Reconciliation, and Denuclearization in Korea [26:1-2]

  • "Seoul Will Become a Sea of Fire . . ." [26:1-2]

Mirsky, Jonathan

  • The Carbondale Caper [2:4]

Mitchell, Carol L.

  • Sisterhood Is Local: The Rise of Feminist Journals in Southeast Asia [28:3-4]

Miyamoto Yuriko

  • The Family of Koiwai / A Short Story [10:2]

  • From Nobuko; translated by Brett Nee [7:4]

Mobo C. F. Gao

  • Maoist Discourse and a Critique of the Present Assessments of the Cultural Revolution [26:3]

  • Memoirs and Interpretation of the Cultural Revolution / A Review Essay [27:1]

Mody, Susan, and Sharayu Mhatre

  • Sexual Class in India [7:1]

Moen, Darrell Gene

  • The Japanese Organic Farming Movement: Consumers and Farmers United [29:3]

Moghadam, Valentine M.

  • The Fourth World Conference on Women: Dissension and Consensus [28:1]

Mohanty, Manoranjan

  • Parties to Panchasheel: India-China Relations and the Nuclear Explosions in South Asia [31:2]

Moise, Edwin E.

  • The Moral Economy Dispute [14:1]

Monk, Paul M.

  • The Empire Strikes Back? Huntington on East and West [31:4]

Moore, Joe (see also Livingston, Jon)

  • The Japanese Worker / A Review Essay [6:3]

  • Production Control: Workers' Control in Early Postwar Japan [17:4]

Morrell, Jim

  • The Carbondale Caper: A Sequel [2:4]

Morgan, June P.

  • The Green Revolution in Asia: False Promise of Abundance [10:1]

Morisaki Kazue

  • Two Languages, Two Souls [10:3]

Morrow, Michael

  • The Politics of Southeast Asian Oil [7:2]

Moses, Judith

  • Killing the Messenger: Environmental Reporters Under Fire in the Philippines [24:3]

Movshovitz, Howie

  • Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima / Film Review [19:4]

Murray, Martin J. (see also Brigham, Robert K.)

  • Confronting the Dilemmas In Socialist Development / A Review Essay [24:1]

Muto Ichiyo

  • People's Plan 21: An Alliance of Hope for the Twenty-First Century [22:3]

Muzaffar, Chandra

  • From Human Rights to Human Dignity [27:4]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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