Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Naipospos, Coki

  • East Timor in the Dynamics of Indonesian Politics [32:1-2]

Nairn, Allan

  • U.S. Support for the Indonesian Military. Congressional Testimony [32:1-2]

Nakamura Masanori

  • The Emperor System of the 1900s [16:2]

  • The History Textbook Controversy and Nationalism [30:2]

  • The Japanese Landlord System and Tenancy Disputes: A Reply to Richard Smethurst's Criticisms [20:1]

Nathan, Andrew J.

  • Imperialism's Effects on China [4:4]

Nee, Brett (see under de Bary, Brett)

Nee, Victor

  • Behind China's Turmoil / Reviews of Books by J. Gurley, S. Andors, and J. van Ginneken [10:3]

  • Post-Mao Changes in a South China Production Brigade [13:2]

  • Towards a Social Anthropology of the Chinese Revolution [11:3]

Nee, Victor, and Brett (de Bary) Nee

  • Longtime Californ' [4:3]

Netting, Nancy S.

  • The Deer Turned Her Head: Ethnic Options for the Hainan Li [29:2]

Ng Gek-boo

  • The Commune System and Income Inequality in Rural China [11:3]

Ngo Tak-wing

  • Civil Society and Political Liberation In Taiwan [25:1]

Ngo Vinh Long

  • The Indochinese Communist Party and Peasant Rebellion in Central Vietnam 1930-31 [10:4]

  • Land Reform? [3:2]

  • Leaf Abscission? [2:2]

  • Vietnam: The Real Enemy [21:2-4]

  • Vietnamese Students and the Center [3:2]

  • The Weaknesses of Vietnamization [4:2]

Nguyen Cong Binh

  • David Marr's Vietnamese Anticolonialism / A Review [6:1]

Nguyen Khac Vien

  • The Vietnamese Experience and the Third World [6:3]

Nguyen Khai

  • An Excerpt from March in the Tai Nguyen (Central Highlands) / translated by John Spragens [10:4]

Nguyen Kim Ngan (see To Huu)

Nguyen van Trung

  • The Bicycle / abridged and translated by John Spragens [10:4]

Nickum, James E.

  • Surplus Transfer and Economic Development in Taiwan and Shanghai [12:2]

Nickum, James E., and Zhou Meng

  • Can a Big Dragon Follow in the Wake of Little Ones? / A Review Essay [22:3]

Niner, Sarah

  • A Long Journey of Resistance: The Origins and Struggle of the CNRT [32:1-2]

Nolan, Peter, and Gordon White

  • Distribution and Development in China [13:3]

Nore, Ellen

  • Cold War, Hot War: An Australian Perspective on the Korean War by Gavan McCormack / A Review Essay [17:2]

Noriko Aso

  • Jews in the Japanese Mind / Book review [28:3-4]

Norman, E. H.

  • People Under Feudalism (Japan 1947) [9:2]

Norman, Liane Ellison

  • Fighting Imaginary Wars: A Review of Westmoreland's A Soldier Reports [8:3]

  • The Man Who Wanted to Write Fiction [7:3]

  • Recovering: Four Books on the Indochina War / A Review Essay [10:1]

  • The Whale in the Rice Paddy [7:4]

Novelli, Martin (see Werner, Jayne)

Nozaki Yoshiko (see Inokuchi Hiromitsu)

Nusa, Pandu

  • The Path of Suffering: The Report of a Political Prisoner on His Journey Through Various Prison Camps in Indonesia / A Translation [19:1]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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