Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Palat, Ravi Arvind

  • Peasant and Artisan Resistance in Mughul India / A Review [19:1]

  • Reinscribing the Globe: Imaginative Geographies of the Pacific Rim / review essay [29:1]

Panajape, P. V.

  • Kulaks and Adivasis: The Formation of Classes in Maharashtra [13:1]

Parameswaran, M. P. (see also Thomas Isaac, T. M.)

  • The Kerala Model of Development: A Debate (Part 2). Kerala "Model" What Does It Signify? [30:4]

Parayil, Govindan

  • Democracy at Work in Kerala, India / Review Essay [31:1]

Parikh, Jagdish (see Mathew, Biju)

Park Byeong-chul

  • Political Suicide among Korean Youth [26:1-2]

Park, Phillip Hookon

  • The Cause of the Acute Food Crisis in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [30:4]

Patankar, Bharat

  • The Bombay Textile Workers' Strike of 1982: The Lessons of History [20:2]

Patel, Vibhuti

  • Sex Determination and Sex Preselection Tests in India: Modern Techniques for Femicide [21:1]

Patnaik, Nagashwar (see Lin, Sharat G.)

Paul, Madan C. (see Lin, Sharat G.)

Pawar, Daya

  • Siddharthanagar / A Poem [10:3]

Payer, Cheryl

  • Harvard on China II: Logic, Evidence, Ideology / A Review of Myers' The Chinese Peasant Economy and Hou's Foreign Investment and Economic Development in China, 1840-1937 [6:2]

  • Mamdani, The Myth of Population Control / A Review [6:3]

  • Review of the Spirit of Chinese Politics by Lucien Pye [1:3] [by Cheryl Payer Goodman]

  • State and Society in the Taiwan Miracle by Thomas P. Gold / A Review [19:2]

Peagam, Norman

  • Tongpan / Cinema Review [11:1]

Pearson, Jeff, and Jessica Smilowitz

  • Biting the Fish Hook [2:4]

Peck, James (see also Fairbank, John K.; Roberts, Moss)

  • The CCAS Summer Seminar [1:2]

  • CCAS in Boston, March 1969 [1:2]

  • Reflections on the Implications of the Vietnam Caucus [1:1]

  • The Roots of Rhetoric: The Professional Ideology of America's China Watchers [2:1]

Peck, James, John K. Fairbank, David Riesman, Jon Livingston, and Ezra Vogel

  • An Exchange: The CIA at Harvard [1:2]

Pepper, Suzanne

  • China's Special Economic Zones: The Current Rescue Bid for a Faltering Experiment [20:3]

Perdue, Peter C.

  • The Shape of the World: Asian Continents and the Scraggy Isthmus of Europe / Review Essay [30:4]

Perkinson, Robert

  • Fifty Years of Enriching the Few [26:4]

  • Introduction (The Korean Nuclear Crisis) [26:1-2]

  • Adjusting the World Bank: Can the Monster Be Tamed? [27:4]

Perry, Elizabeth J.

  • The Politics of China's Peasant Revolution / A Review Essay [10:3]

Petracca, Mark P.

  • Beyond Tiananmen Square: Tragedy and Education in the People's Republic of China [22:3]

Pfaffenberger, Bryan

  • Fourth World Colonialism, Indigenous Minorities, and Tamil Separatism in Sri Lanka [16:1]

Pfeffer, Richard M.

  • Revolting: An Essay on Mao's Revolution by Richard Solomon / A Review [5:4]

  • Revolution and Rule: Where Do We Go From Here? [2:3]

Philippine Social Science Council

  • Suggested Guidelines for Philippine Scholarly Journals [5:1]

Phillips, Susan

  • Beyond Borders: Class Struggle and Feminism in Banshu heiya [19:1]

Pires, Fernando

  • Sweet Flowers / poetry [32:1-2]

Pollard, Vincent

  • Child of All Nations / A Review [19:1]

Polumbaum, Judy, A. Tom Grundfeld, Edward Friedman, and Jude Carlson

  • Comments on Jude Carlson's Tibet in the News [24:2]

Pomerantz, Linda S.

  • A Review of Four Books on Women in China by C. Broyelle, E. Croll, D. Davin, and J. Kristeva [10:3]

Pomeranz, Kenneth (see also Gates, Hill)

  • Review of China's Motor: One Thousand Years of Petty Capitalism, by Hill Gates [30:1]

Pomeroy, William

  • Source Material on Philippine Revolutionary Movements [3:3-4]

Porter, Gareth

  • The Myths of the Bloodbath: North Vietnam's Land Reform Reconsidered [5:2]

  • Vietnam's Ethnic Chinese and the Sino-Vietnamese Conflict [12:4]

Powar, J. V.

  • It's Reddening on the Horizon / A Poem [10:3]

Powell, John W.

  • The Best and the Brightest: Western Reporting from Asia / A Review Essay [22:2]

  • Factories of Death: Japanese Biological Warfare, 1934-45, and the American Cover-Up, by Sheldon H. Harris (short review) [27:2]

  • The Gap Between the Natural and Social Sciences Sometimes Leaves the Public Poorly Informed [18:3]

  • Japan's Germ Warfare: The US Coverup of a War Crime [12:4]

Prashad, Vijay

  • Review of The Cold War and the University: Toward an Intellectual History of the Postwar Years, by Noam Chomsky et al.; Universities and Empire: Money and Politics in the Social Sciences during the Cold War, by Christopher Simpson, ed. [31:4]

Price, Jane

  • Women and Leadership in the Chinese Communist Movement, 1921-1945 [7:1]

Price, John

  • The 1960 Miike Coal Mine Dispute: Turning Point for Adversarial Unionism in Japan? [23:4]

Prime, Penelope B.

  • Class Conflict in Chinese Socialism by Richard C. Klaus / A Short Review [15:4]

Prindle, Tamae K.

  • Niwa o tagayasu (I Plow the Garden) by Taeko Tomioka: A Translation and Interpretation [14:4]

  • Shimizu Ikko's Silver Sanctuary (Gin no seiiki): A Japanese Business Novel / A Translation [17:3]

Proschan, Frank

  • "Rumor, Innuendo, Propaganda, and Disinformation": Tragic Mountains: The Hmong, the Americans, and the Secret Wars for Laos, 1942-1992, by Jane Hamilton-Merritt / review essay [28:1]

Purves, John (see Inoue, Masamichi Sebastian)

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here