Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Raddeker, Hélène Bowen

  • "Death as Life": Political Metaphor in the Testimonial Prison Literature of Kanno Suga [29:4]

Rafael, Vincente L.

  • Fishing, Underwear, and Hunchbacks: Humor and Politics in the Philippines, 1886 and 1983 [18:3]

Raichur, Satish (see Van Ness, Peter)

Rajagopal, Arvind

  • Transnational Networks and Hindu Nationalism [29:3]

Ram, Mohan

  • The Communist Movement in India [4:1]

Ram, N.

  • Getting Off the Tiger: An Analysis of Why Signing the CTBT and Capitulating to the UGNB Cannot Be the Way Out of a Volatile and Dangerous Mess [31:2]

Ramasamy, P. (see Lim Mah Hui)

Ramdas, Admiral (Retd.) L.

  • Statement: India-Pakistan Relations at a Crossroads: A Personal Statement [31:2]

Ramsdell, Daniel B.

  • Asia Askew: US Best-Sellers on Asia, 1931-1980 [15:4]

Rao, Anupama

  • Review of Broken People: Caste Violence against India's Untouchables, Human Rights Watch; and The Untouchables: Subordination, Poverty and the State in Modern India, by Oliver Mendelsohn and Marika Vicziany [32:3]

Rashid, Jamil (see Gardezi, Hassan)

Rashid, Mamunur (see Kidd, Ross)

Ratner, Merle

  • Some Reflections on the Growing US-Indochina Friendship Movement [21:2-4]

Ray, Raka

  • Promissory Notes: Women in the Transition to Socialism / A Review [24:1]

Resurrección, Babette P.

  • Engineering the Philippine Uplands: Gender, Ethnicity, and Scientific Forestry in the American Colonial Period [31:1]

Retboll, Torben

  • The East Timor Conflict and Western Response [19:1]

  • East Timor and Indonesia [15:2]

  • Kampuchea and the Reader's Digest [11:3]

  • Statement to the Conference on Vietnam and Kampuchea Dassel, West Germany [12:4]

Reunification Committee of Naional Council of Churches in Korea

  • Statement on Peace and Reunification of the Korean Peninsula [26:1-2]

Riaz, Ali

  • Taslima Nasrin: Breaking the Structured Silence [27:1]

  • Two Trends in Analyzing the Causes of Military Rule in Bangladesh / review essay [30:1]

Ricketts, Rita

  • The United States, New Zealand, and ANZUS [18:2]

Riesman, David (see Peck, James)

Riskin, Carl

  • China's Economic Growth: Leap or Creep? [2:2]

  • East Asia and the World Economy / A Review of F. Moulder's Japan, China, and the Modern World Economy and A. Eckstein's China's Economic Revolution [10:3]

  • Maoism and Motivation : Work Incentives in China [5:1]

  • Market, Maoism, and Economic Reform in China [13:3]

Roberts, David

  • Meddling while Phnom Penh Burned: The U.S. Role in the Cambodian Secession, June 1993 [30:3]

Roberts, Moss

  • Bad Karma in Asia [32:3]

  • Contra Ideocracy [29:1]

  • Neo-Confucian Tyranny in the Dream of the Red Chamber: A Critical Note [10:1]

  • Scott's The War Conspiracy / A Review [5:1]

  • The Structure and Direction of Contemporary China Studies [3:3-4]

Roberts, Moss, and Chalmers Johnson, Jim Peck, Bruce Cumings

  • Eulogy for John S. Service / Tribute [32:3]

Robie, David

  • The South Pacific Media: Politics, Ownership, and Control [27:1]

Robinson, Geoffrey

  • With Unamet in East Timor: A Historian's Personal View [32:1-2]

Robinson, James

  • Academic Freedom and the Occupation of Germany and Japan [6:4]

  • The Problem of Balanced Economic Growth in Developing Societies / A Review [11:1]

Robinson, R. J.

  • The Transformation of the State in Indonesia [14:1]

Robinson, Robert T.

  • The Greenery of Well-Engineered Factory Complexes: Fiji's Garment-Led Export Industrialization Strategy [25:2]

Rodan, Garry

  • Singapore's Leadership Transition: Erosion or Refinement of Authoritarian Rule? [24:1]

Roden, Don

  • Forays in Japanese Cultural Psychology: Socialization for Achievement by George De Vos / A Review [6:2]

Rongen, Ole Bjorne

  • The Chinese Language: Fact and Fantasy, by John DeFrancis / A Review [17:4]

  • A Chinese Marxist Study of the Analects / A Review of Zhao Jiben's Lun-yu xin-tan [10:1]

Ropp, Paul S.

  • Individual and Society in Ancient China: Essays on Four Chinese Philosophers by Vitaly A. Rubin / A Review [9:1]

  • The May Fourth Movement / A Review Essay [12:2]

Rosenberg, David

  • The End of the Freest Press in the World [5:1]

Rosin, R. Thomas

  • From the Quarries of Makrana Came the Marble for the Taj Mahal / A Photo Essay [17:1]

Ross, Kaz

  • More Sex, Less Gender, Please! Response to "Chinese Women, Gender, and Sexuality," by William Jankowiak [31:1]

Roy, Arundhati

  • Statement: The End of Imagination (excerpts) [31:2]

Rozario, Santi

  • Development and Rural Women in South Asia: The Limits of Empowerment and Conscientization [29:4]

Ruoff, Kenneth J.

  • Mr Tomino goes to City Hall: Grass-Roots Democracy in Zushi City, Japan [25:3]

Ryang, Sonia

  • Inscribed (Men's) Bodies, Silent (Women's) Words: Rethinking Colonial Displacement of Koreans in Japan [30:4]

  • Review of The Fantastic in Modern Japanese Literature: The Subversion of Modernity, by Susan J. Napier [30:2]

  • Social Theory and Contemporary Japanese Society / Book review [28:3-4]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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