Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Sachs, Dana (see Dematteis, Lou)

Salaff, Janet

  • Modern Times in Hong Kong [6:1]

Salaff, Stephen (see also Bruin, Janet; and Kamata Sadao)

  • Bikini Atoll 1954 [10:2]

  • The Diary and the Cenotaph: Racial and Atomic Fever in the Canadian Record [10:2]

  • Medical Care for Atomic Bomb Victims in the United States [12:1]

Salasin, Robert

  • Peking Politics, 1918-1923 by Andrew Nathan / A Review [11:3]

Samad, Yunas

  • Nuclear Pakistan and the Emergence of a Peace Movement [31:2]

Sampradayikta Virodhi Andolan

  • On the Struggle Against Communalism [25:4]

Sampson, Cedric

  • Vietnamese Tradition on Trial 1920-1945 by David G. Marr / A Review Essay [15:4]

Sanford, James C.

  • America and the Peace Talks [1:3]

Sarkar, Tanika

  • The Women of the Hindutva Brigade [25:4]

Sasaki-Uemura, Wesley

  • Japanese War Crimes in World War II / Book review [28:3-4]

Sato Tomoyuki

  • Children of the A-bomb I [10:2]

Sato Yoichiro

  • Explaining Economic Policy Failure: Japan in the 1969-1971 International Monetary Crisis, by Robert C. Angel (short review) [27:2]

  • Review of Kokusai Kinyû no Genga: Shijô Shihon Shugi no Kiki wo Koete, by Sakakibara Eisuke [32:3]

Scheiner, Charles

  • East Timor Update [25:1]

  • No US Military Aid to Indonesia in Fiscal Year 1993! [24:3]

  • Palau: Recent Developments [22:1]

Schell, Orville

  • Melby: The Mandate of Heaven [2:2]

Scher, Mark J.

  • US Policy in Korea 1945-48: A Neo-Colonial Model Takes Shape [5:4]

Schonberger, Howard

  • Hiroshima Survivors and the Atomic Bomb: People's Art as History [10:2]

  • Thomas Arthur Bisson and the Limits of Reform in Occupied Japan [12:4]

  • Zaibatsu Dissolution and the American Restoration of Japan [5:2]

Schwarcz, Vera

  • A Brimming Darkness: The Voice of Memory/The Silence of Pain in China after the Cultural Revolution [30:1]

  • The Cultural Dimension of Sino-Japanese Relations, by Joshua A. Fogel [27:4]

  • How Lu Hsun Became a Marxist: Conversations with Yuan Liangjun [13:3]

  • Ibsen's Nora: The Promise and the Trap [7:1]

  • The Intellectual as Survivor-Witness / A Review Essay [18:4]

Scott, Peter Dale

  • Opium and Empire: McCoy on Heroin in Southeast Asia / A Review [5:2]

Sechi, J. H.

  • Houston's Farewell to Manzanar and Sone's Nisei Daughter [6:2]

Secretary of Public Information (Philippines)

  • Guidelines for Mass Media [5:1]

Seddon, J. David

  • HIV-AIDS in Nepal: The Coming Crisis [30:1]

Selbourne, David

  • J.P. Narayan: A Political Morality Reexamined [13:1]

Selden, Kyoko

  • Children of Nagasaki / A Translation [18:3]

  • Hayashi Kyoko's Two Grave Markers (Futari no bohyo) / A Translation [18:1]

  • Poems by Atomic Bomb Survivors / A Translation [19:2]

Selden, Mark (see also Bell, Peter F.; Hein, Laura; Inoue, Masamichi Sebastian; Stephen R. Shalom; Richard Tanter; and Zhu Ling)

  • American Global Enterprise and Asia [7:2]

  • Asia, Asian Studies, and the National Security State: A Symposium - Introduction [29:1]

  • A Call for Professional Soul-Searching [1:1]

  • Commentary (on Su Shaozhi) [20:1]

  • Imperialism and Asia: A Brief Introduction to the Literature [5:3]

  • An Interview with Dev Nathan: The Naxalite Legacy and the Political Economy of Contemporary India [20:2]

  • The National Liberation Front and the Transformation of Vietnamese Society [2:1]

  • National Security and the Future of Asian Studies: Introduction [24:2]

  • Okinawa and American Colonialism [3:1]

  • Symposium on He Shang (Yellow River Elegy): Introduction [23:3]

  • Toward the Revitalization of Asian Scholarship [1:2]

  • The United States, Japan, and the Atomic Bomb [23:1]

Selden, Mark, and Martha Kendall Winnacker

  • Introduction (The Bretton Woods Institutions Reconsidered) [27:4]

Selden, Mark, Gerundio Dagoob, and Nita Mahinay

  • Interview with Philippine Sugar Workers [22:4]

Sen, Jai

  • The Sha Fu of Calcutta: The Past, the Present, and the Future of the Hand-rickshaw Pullers of Calcutta. Is a Civilized and Progressive Transition Possible? [30:3]

Sen, Pradip

  • Prisoners of Conscience / Cinema Review [13:1]

Seymour, James D.

  • Nationalism of the Lost Nations / Review Essay [31:1]

  • Sovereignty in the South China Sea [6:1]

  • Towards an East Asian Confederation of Independent States? / A Review Essay [25:3]

Shaha, Shambhu

  • Some Images of Calcutta and Environs / Photos [13:1]

Shaffer, Robert

  • Henry Luce and the American Experience in China / review essay [30:3]

Shalom, Stephen R. (see also Tanter, Richard, and van Klinken, Gerry)

  • Bases by Another Name: U.S. Military Access in the Philippines [29:4]

  • Promoting Ferdinand Marcos [22:4]

  • Revolution and the Rand Corporation [3:1]

  • Securing the US-Philippines Military Bases Agreement of 1947 [22:4]

  • United States-Philippines Relations / Book review [28:3-4]

  • Why the World Bank Can't Lead Us to a Just World Order [27:4]

Shalom, Stephen R., Mark Selden, and Richard Tanter

  • Introduction: East Timor, Indonesia, and the World Community: Resistance, Repression, and Responsibility [32:1-2]

Sharlin, Craig G.

  • A Filmmaker and His Film / Cinema Review [12:3]

Sharma, Hari P.

  • The Bretton Woods Institutions and Concerned Asian Scholarship [27:4]

  • India: A Photographic Essay [9:2]

  • Suspended in Time and Space: Slices of Life / Photo Essay [32:3]

Shaw, Annapurna

  • The Informal Sector in a Third World Urban Economy: A Case Study of Calcutta India [17:1]

  • Urban Growth and Land-Use Conflicts: The Case of New Bombay [26:3]

Sheff, David

  • An Interview with Daniel Ellsberg: US Foreign Policy in Vietnam Then and Now [21:2-4]

Sheinbaum, Stanley

  • The Michigan State-CIA Experience in Vietnam [3:2]

Sherry, Michael S.

  • Patriotic Orthodoxy and U.S. Decline

Shi Mo (Zhao Zhenkai)

  • The Homecoming Stranger / Translation by Michael S. Duke [16:3]

Shi Tiesheng

  • Lunch Break / Translation by Alison Bailey [16:3]

  • One Winter's Evening / Translation by Alison Bailey [16:3]

Shibata Tokue

  • Urbanization in Japan [11:1]

Shiraishi, Takashi

  • Whither Indonesia? [32:1-2]

Shiva, Vandana

  • After Fifty Tears, Is the World Bank Socially and Environmentally Responsible? [26:4]

Shivaraman, Mythily

  • Thanjavur: Rumblings in Tamil Nadu [4:1]

Shouse, Antonia J.

  • Environmental Alert on the Tibetan Plateau [25:3]

Shu Ting

  • Poems / Translated by Shiao-ling Yu [16:3]

Shue, Vivienne

  • Morality and Power in a Chinese Village by Richard Madsen / A Review [19:2]

Shute, Jenefer P.

  • (Films on the War) Framing Vietnam [21:2-4]

Sidel, John T.

  • The Underside of Progress: Land, Labor, and Violence in Two Philippine Growth Zones, 1985-1995 [30:1]

Sigley, Gary

  • On "Sex" and "Sexuality" in China: A Conversation with Pan Suiming / Interview [31:1]

Siegel, James

  • In Response to Paul Strange's Critique [24:3]

Singh, Kavaljit

  • Ravaging India's Bihar Plateau [26:4]

Singh, Priyam

  • Women, Law, and Criminal Justice in North India: A Historical View [28:1]

Sison, Jose Maria

  • The Guerilla is Like a Poet / A Poem [12:3]

Siu, Bobby

  • Sociology and Socialism in Contemporary China by Wong Siu-lun / A Review Essay [13:2]

Smedley, Agnes

  • The Dedicated / A Story [7:1]

Smethurst, Richard J.

  • A Response by the Author (to review by Lie) [19:3]

Smilowitz, Jessica (see Pearson, Jeff)

Smith, Kerry

  • Review of Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II, by John W. Dower [32:3]

Smyth, Ines, and Mies Grijns

  • Unjuk Rasa or Conscious Protest? Resistance Strategies of Indonesian Workers [29:4]

Snow, Robert T.

  • Multinational Corporations in Asia: The Labor Intensive Factory [11:4]

So, Alvin Y. (see also Hsiao, Hsin-Huang Michael)

  • 1997 and Democratic Compromise in Hong Kong / Commentary [31:1]

  • Hong Kong in Chinese History: Community and Social Unrest in the British Colony, 1842-1913, by Jung-Fang Tsai [29:4]

  • Hong Kong in Chinese History / Short Review [29:3]

So, Alvin Y., and Ludmilla Kwitko

  • The Transformation of Urban Movements in Hong Kong, 1970-90 [24:4]

So Wai-chor

  • The Adventures of an Ideology: Western Marxism in Post-Mao China [29:3]

Social Studies Circle

  • Anti-Tamil Riots and the Political Crisis in Sri Lanka [16:1]

Sodei Rinjiro

  • Hiroshima/Nagasaki as History and Politics [27:2]

Soffer, Jonathan

  • The Korean War: An International History / Book review [28:3-4]

Soh, Chunghee Sarah

  • Women of Japan and Korea / Book review [28:3-4]

Soysal, Yasemin Nuhoglu

  • Identity and Transnationalization in German School Textbooks [30:2]

Spector, Stanley

  • A Meditation on Catonsville [1:2]

St John, Ronald Bruce

  • Economic Development in Vietnam / Book review [28:3-4]

Stanford East Asian Collective #1

  • Stephen Andor's China's Industrial Revolution: Politics, Planning, and Management, 1949 to the Present / A Review [9:2]

Stauffer, Robert B.

  • Philippine Normalization: The Politics of Form [12:3]

  • Postcolonial Industrialization and NICdom: Myths and Lessons from East and Southeast Asia / A Review Essay [25:3]

Stavis, Benedict

  • How China is Solving Its Food Problem [7:3]

  • Wang and Apthorpe's Rice Farming in Taiwan / A Review [7:3]

Stenson, Michael

  • Class and Race in West Malaysia [8:2]

Stephenson, Carolyn

  • Interview with Helen Clark [18:2]

Steven, Rob

  • The Japanese Bourgeoisie [11:2]

  • Japanese Foreign Direct Investment in Southeast Asia: From ASEAN to JASEAN [20:4]

  • The Japanese Working Class [12:3]

Stevens, Christopher

  • The Boy Yamanaka Kuhei: A Translation from Bitter Sea, Pure Land by Ishimure Michiko [17:2]

Stoltzfus, Brenda, and Saundra Sturdevant

  • The Sale of Sexual Labor in the Philippines: Marlyn's Story [22:4]

Strange, Paul

  • Deconstruction as Disempowerment: New Orientalisms of Java [23:3]

  • A Reply to Ward Keeler and James Siegel [24:3]

Stross, Randy (see Sun Lung-kee)

Stuart-Fox, Martin

  • Socialist Construction and National Security in Laos [13:1]

Studlar, Gaylyn, and David Desser

  • (Films on the War) Never Having to Say You're Sorry: Rambo's Rewriting of the Vietnam War [21:2-4]

Sturdevant, Saundra (see also Stoltzfus, Brenda)

  • Audiovisual Guide to Asia and the Pacific [28:3-4]

  • Kagemusha by Akira Kurosawa / Film Review [13:4]

  • Manila by Lino Brocka / Cinema Review [13:2]

  • Seeing and Remembering: Sanggye-Dong and the Demonstrations of June 1987 / A Photo Essay [23:2]

  • The U.S. Military and Sexual Violence against Women [27:4]

Su Shaozhi

  • Response (to commentary by American scholars) [20:1]

Su Shaozhi, Wang Ruoshui, and Yan Jiaqi

  • Responses to Hua Shiping's All Roads Lead to Democracy [24:1]

Suh Hyuk-Kyo

  • Korea-related Information, Resources, and Activism in Cyberspace [28:3-4]

Suh, Jae-Jung

  • North Korean "Nuclear Threat" and Cold War Hangover: Northern Exposure of Explosion? [28:1]

Suh Sung

  • Nineteen Years in South Korea's Gulag / Book Excerpt [32:3]

Suleski, Ronald

  • Ameyuki-san no uta by Yamazaki Tomoko / A Review [12:3]

  • Korea: A Review of Pak Kyong-sik's Korea's Samil Independence Movement [10:1]

Sullivan, Michael J.

  • Development and Political Repression: China's Human Rights Policy since 1989 [27:4]

Summers, Laura

  • In Matters of War and Socialism, Anthony Barnett would Shame and Honor Kampuchea Too Much [11:4]

Sun Lung-kee

  • Ma Yin-qu and the Problem of Socialist Transition in China [9:2]

Sun Lung-kee and Randy Stross

  • Intellectual Ferment for Political Reform in Taiwan, 1971-73, by Mab Huang / A Review [12:2]

Sung Il-Choi

  • Studies in the Modernization of Korea, 1945-1975 [15:2]

Sussman, Gerald

  • Politics and the Press: The Philippines Since Marcos [22:1]

Sweezy, Paul

  • Commentary (on Su Shaozhi) [20:1]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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