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Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Bacchetta, Paola

  • All of Our Goddesses are Armed: Religion, Resistance, and Revenge in the Life of a Militant Hindu Nationalist Woman [25:4]

Baker, Russell

  • Losing Others' Lands: It Should Make your Blood Boil [7:2]

Balachandaran, Gopalan (see Ashok Bhargava)

Baldwin, Frank

  • America's Rented Troops: South Koreans in Vietnam [7:4]

  • The Jason Project: Academic Freedom and Moral Responsibility [5:3]

  • Patrolling the Empire: Reflections on the USS Pueblo [4:2]

Balland, Daniel, Thomas J. Barfield, Mansura Haider, and Andre Gunder Frank

  • Comments on Andre Gunder Frank's The Centrality of Central Asia [24:2]

Bamo Ayi (see Harrell, Stevan)

Banaag, Celso

  • Political Prisoners in the Philippines' New Society [6:1]

Bandarage, Asoka

  • The Establishment and Consolidation of the Planation Economy in Sri Lanka [14:3]

  • Women and Capitalist Development in Sri Lanka, 1977-87 [20:2]

Bankoff, Greg

  • Legacy of the Past, Promise of the Future: Land Reform, Land Grabbing, and Land Conversion in the Calabarzon [28:1]

Barfield, Thomas J. (see Balland, Daniel)

Barkin, David (see also McDonald, Angus W.)

  • Food Self-Sufficiency in North Korea [18:4]

Barlow, Tani E.

  • The Virtue of Clarity and Bruce Cumings's Concern over Boundaries [29:1]

Barnett, Anthony

  • Inter-Communist Conflicts and Vietnam [11:4]

Barr, Michael D.

  • Review of Changing Values in Asia: Their Impact on Governance and Development, by Han Sung-Joo, ed. [32:4]

Bartu, Peter

  • The Militia, the Military, and the People of Bobonaro District [32:1-2]

Bastid, Marianne

  • China / A Review of Joseph Esherick's Reform and Revolution in China: the 1911 Revolution in Hunan and Hubei [10:1]

  • A Triptych in Honour of the Cultural Revolution [2:3]

Basu, Amrita

  • Bhopal Revisited: The View from Below [26:1-2]

  • Feminism Inverted: The Real Women and Gendered Imagery of Hindu Nationalism [25:4]

  • Interview with Jabbar Khan [26:1-2]

  • Women and Religious Nationalism in India: An Introduction [25:4]

Bay Area China Education Project

  • Highly Recommended Secondary Classroom Materials on China [6:4]

BCAS Editorial Board

  • Who We Are in 1989 [21:2-4]

BCAS Editors

  • Amerasian Children: Living Legacy in the Philippines [25:2]

  • Editorial Comment [2:1]

  • Historical Perspective (National Security and the Future of Asian Studies) [24:2]

  • Introduction to Special Section on Imperialism in China [4:4]

  • A Note on Messy Details [1:1]

  • Update on the National Security Act of 1991 [24:3]

Bei Dao (Zhao Zhenkai)

  • Poems / Translated by Bonnie S. McDougall [16:3]

Bell, Peter

  • Marxist Scholarship on Thailand: The Work of E. Thadeus Flood (1932-1977) [10:1]

Bell, Peter F., and Mark Selden

  • Malcolm Caldwell, 1931-1978 [11:3]

Bell, Roger

  • Between History and Geography: Debates on Australia and Asia / Review Essay [31:1]

Bennett, Gordon

  • The Academy on Japanese Foreign Policy: Nine Recent Books / A Review Essay [6:2]

Berger, Mark T.

  • From Commerce to Conquest: The Dynamics of British Mercantile Imperialism in Eighteenth Century Bengal and the Foundation of the British Indian Empire / A Review Essay [22:1]

  • Ghandi and the Guardians: Michael Edwardes and the Apologetics of Imperialism/ A Review Essay [23:3]

  • Southeast Asian Trajectories: Eurocentrism and the History of the Modern Nation-State / Book review [28:3-4]

Berger, Roland

  • Financial Aspects of Chinese Planning [6:2]

Bernier, Bernard

  • The Japanese Peasantry and Economic Growth Since the Land Reform of 1946-47 [12:1]

Berninghausen, John, and Ted Huters

  • Introductory Essay (Chinese revolutionary literature) [8:1]

  • A Short Annotated Bibliography (Chinese revolutionary literature) [8:2]

Bernstein, Barton J.

  • The Decision to Drop the Bomb / Appendix [10:2]

  • Syngman Rhee: The Pawn as Rook, the Struggle to End the Korean War [10:1]

Berrigan, Rev. Daniel

  • For Saghir Ahmad [4:1]

  • From a Korean Prison: A Path to Life [9:2]

Bertocci, Peter

  • Saint Jack / Cinema Review [11:4]

Bhargava, Ashok

  • The Bhopal Incident and Union Carbide:: Ramifications of an Industrial Accident [18:4]

  • India's Black Economy and Maldevelopment / A Review [22:3]

Bhargava, Asbok, and Gopalan Balachandaran

  • Economic Changes During the Indian Emergency [9:4]

Bhatia, Manjit

  • Review of The Mute's Soliloquy: A Memoir, by Pramoedya Ananta Toer [31:3]

Bisson, T. A.

  • The American-Japanese Co-Prosperity Sphere: Japanese Imperialism Today by Halliday and McCormack / A Review [6:1]

Bix, Herbert P.

  • Class Conflict in Rural Japan: On Historical Methodology [19:3]

  • A Critical Review of Some Anti-Communist Perspectives in American Policy Towards Asia [1:2]

  • Imagistic Historiography and the Reinterpretation of Japanese Imperialism [7:3]

  • Japan at the End of the Seventies: The Treatment of the Political in Recent Japanology [12:1]

  • Japan Studies Old and New at the End of the Eighties / A Review Essay [23:2]

  • The Japanese Challenge: US-Japanese Relations at Mid-Decade [17:4]

  • Miura Meisuke or Peasant Rebellion Under the Banner of Distress [10:2]

  • Okubo Genji: A Commitment to International Understanding / A Tribute [19:2]

  • On Jon Halliday's Contribution to Understanding Japan: A Review of Halliday's A Political History of Japanese Capitalism [8:3]

  • Regional Integration: Japan and South Korea in America's Asian Policy [5:3]

  • Report on Japan 1972 [4:2]

  • Report from Japan 1972 - Part II [4:4]

  • Rethinking Emperor-System Fascism: Ruptures and Continuities in Modern Japanese History [14:2]

  • The Security Treaty System and the Japanese Military Industrial Complex [2:2]

  • Some Long-Term Effects of US Control Over the Philippines [1:3]

  • Urban Networks in Ch'ing China and Tokugawa Japan by Gilbert Rozman / A Review [9:1]

Blecher, Marc (see also Meisner, Maurice)

Blecher, Marc, and Thomas Thompson

  • Looking for Imperialism: Schurmann's Logic of World Power; Barnett and Miller's Global Reach [8:4]

Boardman, Roger

  • Chinese Foreign Policy: Towards Authentic Social Science [6:2]

  • Rejoinder (to Friedman on Social Science and the Study of Modern China) [6:2]

Bonacci, Mark, and Don Luce

  • The AIDS Threat to Southeast Asians and US Military Personnel [24:3]

Borkent, Hans

  • Indonesian Sketches [16:4]

Bouchier, David

  • Biographical notes on Indonesian military officers [32:1-2]

Boudreau, Vincent

  • Diffusing Democracy? People Power in Indonesia and the Philippines [31:4]

Bounyavong, Outhine

  • Short Stories from Laos, introduced by Roger Rumpf and Jacqui Chagnon / Literature [32:4]

Bowen, Roger W.

  • Empire and Aftermath by John W. Dower / A Review [13:4]

  • The Political Economy of Japan / A Review Essay [24:4]

  • Political Protest in Prewar Japan: The Case of Fukushima Prefecture [16:2]

Boyce, James K.

  • The National Security Education Act of 1991 [24:2]

  • Area Studies and the National Security State [29:1]

Boyce, James K., and Betsy Hartmann

  • Who Works, Who Eats? [13:4]

Boyle, John H.

  • The Call: An American Missionary in China by John Hersey / A Review [18:1]

Branfman, Fred

  • Laos: No Place to Hide [2:4]

  • Prospects for Vietnam After the Agreement is Signed [4:4]

Brawley, Sean

  • Between History and Geography: Debates on Australia and Asia / Review Essay [31:1]

Braz, Emanuel

  • Blind Eyes, Blue Eyes; Longing / poetry [32:1-2]

Breslin, Thomas

  • Mystifying the Past: Establishment Historians and the Origins of the Pacific War [8:4]

  • Trouble Over Oil: America, Japan, and the Oil Cartel 1934-1935 [7:3]

Brigham, Robert K., and Martin J. Murray

  • Conflicting Interpretations of the Vietnam War, 1945-75 / A Review Essay [26:1-2]

Britton, Peter

  • Indonesia's Neocolonial Armed Forces [7:3]

Broad, Robin

  • Our Children are Being Kidnapped [12:3]

Brocheux, Pierre

  • To Each His/Her Own Vietnam [11:1]

Brodsgaard, Kjeld Erik

  • State, Party, and Economy in the Transition to Socialism in China / A Review Essay [18:1]

Brook, Timothy

  • Chinese Perspectives on the Nien Rebellion / A Review Essay [15:2]

  • Must Lineages Own Land? / A Review Essay [20:4]

Brown, Gary

  • NCND Nevermore: Death of a Cover Story [20:4]

Brown, Philip C.

  • From Cambodia to Kampuchea / A Review Essay [24:2]

Brownell, Susan

  • Mainstreaming Gender, Washing Away Feminism. Response to "Chinese Women, Gender, and Sexuality," by William Jankowiak [31:1]

Bruin, Janet, and Stephen Salaff

  • Women Hibakusha in Osaka [12:4]

Buchanan, Keith

  • The Geography of Empire / Portfolio of Maps [4:2]

Buckley, Sandra

  • Flowers in Salt / A Review [16:2]

  • Reading Women's Texts / A Review Essay [20:3]

Budiardjo, Carmel

  • Political Imprisonment in Indonesia [6:2]

Bulag, Uradyn E. (see Fitzgerald, John)

Burchill, Scott

  • East Timor, Australia, and Indonesia [32:1-2]

Burkett, Paul (see Hart-Landsberg, Martin)

Burton, W. Donald

  • Rural and Urban Protest in Tokugawa Japan / A Review Essay [21:1]

Butenhoff, Linda

  • East Meets West: Human Rights in Hong Kong [28:2]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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