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Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Callahan, Mary P.

  • Junta Dreams or Nightmares? Observations of Burma's Military since 1988 / Research Note [31:3]

Candland, Christopher

  • Trade Unionism and Industrial Restructuring in India and Pakistan [27:4]

Cannon, T. G.

  • Review of M. Franda's India's Rural Development [13:1]

Caplan, Pat

  • Women's Voluntary Social Welfare Work In India: The Cultural Construction of Gender and Class [17:1]

Caplan, Peter

  • Weather Modification and War [6:1]

Carlson, Jude

  • Tibet in the News [24:2]

Carlson, Jude, Judy Polumbaum, A. Tom Grundfeld, Edward Friedman

  • Comments on Jude Carlson's Tibet in the News [24:2]

Cawley, Leo

  • Captains of Erudition: Nielsen, The Big Foundations / A Review [6:3]


  • Interview with Chou En-lai [3:3-4]

CCAS National Coordinators

  • People's Peace Treaty [3:1]

CCAS and Ezra Vogel

  • The Funding of China Studies [5:1]

Cell, Charles P.

  • Deurbanization in China: The Urban-Rural Contradiction [11:1]

  • Review of Dwight Perkins' Rural Small Scale Industry in the People's Republic of China [10:3]

Chan, Elaine

  • Sacredness and the Ritual Process in Collective Action: The 1989 Chinese Student Movement [31:1]

Chan, Jeffrey Paul (see Chin, Frank)

Chand, Ganeshwar

  • The United States and South Pacific Regionalism: Participation or Subversion? [24:3]

Chang, Gordon H.

  • Commentary (on Su Shaozhi) [20:1]

  • Interview with Su Shaozhi, December 1985 [20:1]

  • Introduction (A Symposium on Marxism in China Today) [20:1]

  • Student Protests at Beijing University / report [18:3]

Chang, Jui-shan

  • Do We Need "Kinsey Reports" in Chinese Societies? An Alternative Paradigm for the Study of Chinese Sexuality. Response to "Chinese Women, Gender, and Sexuality," by William Jankowiak [31:1]

Chang, Mau-kuei Michael

  • Taiwan: National Identity and Democratization / Book review [28:3-4]

Chasin, Barbara H. (see also Franke, Richard W.)

  • Human Adaptation and Population Growth by D.S. Kleinman / A Review [13:3]

Chatterjee, Piya

  • "Secure This Excellent Class of Labour": Gender and Race in Labor Recruitment for British Indian Tea Plantations [27:3]

Chattopadhyay, Paresh

  • Neither Liberalization nor Statist Regime: A Materialist Point of View [27:4]

  • Neither Liberalization nor Statization: A Reply to Gail Omvedt [28:1]

  • Review of Women's Labor under Capitalism and Marx. Capital Accumulation and Women's Labor in Asian Economies, by Peter Custers [31:4]

Chauncey, Helen

  • Reaching the Other Side by Earl S. Martin / A Review [11:3]

Cheah Boon Kheng

  • Hobsbawm's Social Banditry, Myth, and Historical Reality: A Case in the Malaysian State of Kedah, 1915-1920 [17:4]

Chen Guuying

  • The Reform Movement Among Intellectuals in Taiwan since 1970 [14:3]

Chen Yu-hsi

  • The Dual Role of the Chinese Press in the United States: Change and Continuity [27:1]

Cheng Fang-wu

  • From a Literary Revolution to a Revolutionary Literature/Essay [8:1]

Chesneaux, Jean

  • Approaches to the Study of China [1:4]

  • France in the Pacific: Global Approach or Respect for Regional Agendas [18:2]

Chew, Dolores F.

  • Women's History and Peasant Revolts: the Tebhaga and Telengana Struggles/ A Review Essay [23:1]

Chhang Song

  • Return to Cambodia [23:2]

Chin, Frank

  • Confessions of the Chinatown Cowboy [4:3]

Chin, Frank, Jeffrey Paul Chan, Lawson Fusao Inada, and Shawn Hsu Wong

  • Aiieeeee! An Introduction to Asian-American Writing [4:3]

Chiou, C. L.

  • Politics of Alienation and Polarization: Taiwan's Tangwai in the 1980's [18:3]

  • The 1990 National Affairs Conference and the Future of Democracy in Taiwan [25:1]

Choi, Alex H.

  • Statism and Asian Political Economy: Is There a New Paradigm?/ review essay [30:3]

Chomsky, Noam

  • The Asian Scholar and the American Crisis [1:4]

  • The Revolutionary Pacifism of A.J. Muste: On the Backgrounds of the Pacific War [1:3]

  • The United States, East Timor, and Intervention [32:1-2]

  • The United States and Indochina: Far From an Aberration [21:2-4]

Chomsky, Noam, and Edward Herman

  • Benign Terror: East Timor [11:2]

Christensen, Peter Moller, and Jorgen Delman

  • A Theory of Transitional Society: Mao Zedong and the Shanghai School [13:2]

Clark, Helen

  • A New Zealand Perspective on Security Issue in the Pacific Basin [19:2]

Clark, Paul

  • Urban Change in China 1890-1949 by David Buck/A Review [11:3]

Clements, Tom

  • Nuclear-Free Korean Peninsula: Visit of "MV Greenpeace" Spotlights South Korean Nukes [26:1-2]

Clubb, O. Edmund

  • McCarthyism and Our Asian Policy [1:4]

Clymer, Kenton

  • Cambodia: A Shattered Society / Book review [28:3-4]

Cobb, Betsey

  • Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya [7:1]

Colhoun, Jack

  • The Tet Offensive / A Review [11:1]

Collett, Pamela

  • The Seventh Day of the NGO Forum '95: In the Morning, 6 September 1995, Huairou, China [28:2]

Colligan-Taylor, Karen

  • "Barukoku bararage": A Prayer for Rain- A Play about Miyazawa Kenji by Hatayama Hiroshi [26:1-2]

Columbia CCAS

  • The American Asian Studies Establishment [3:3-4]

Comer, John

  • The Assassination of Ngo Dihn Diem and the Front / Poetry [5:3]

  • Correspondent and the People / Poetry [5:4]

  • The Gouffre a Bataillons: A French Artillery Officer at Dienbienphu 1954 / Poetry [6:2]

  • Spring Offensive 1972 and the People of Nambo / Poetry [6:1]

Communist Party of the Philippines

  • The Tasks of the Party in the New Situation [5:2]

Coomaraswamy, Radhika

  • Reinventing International Law: Women's Rights as Human Rights in the International Community [28:2]

Cooper, Eugene

  • Gifts, Favors, and Banquets, by Mayfair Mei-hui Yang [27:4]

  • Hong Kong: Liberation without Liberation [13:2]

  • Introductory Essay to Symposium on Modes of Production and Social Formations in Asian Societies [14:1]

  • Karl Marx's Other Island: The Evolution of Peripheral Capitalism in Hong Kong [14:1]

  • Regionalism and Integration / A Review of Regional Government and Political Integration in Southwest China 1949-1954 by Dorothy Solinger [10:3]

  • Renting a Flat in Hangzhou / Notes from the Field [31:3]

  • Review of Transforming Asian Socialism: China and Vietnam Compared, by Anita Chan, Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet, and Jonathan Unger, eds. [32:3]

A Correspondent

  • The Emergency in India [7:4]

Craig, Tito (see de Guzman, Arnel)

Cribb, Robert

  • An Introduction to the Articles on Indonesia [19:1]

  • Capitalism and Confrontation in Sumatra's Plantation Belt / A Review [19:1]

Christie, Kenneth

  • Political Culture and Democratic Change in Southeast Asia / review essay [30:1]

Croizier, Ralph

  • The Thorny Flowers of 1979: Political Cartoons and Liberalization in China [13:3]

Crow, Ben

  • Why are the Ganges and Brahmaputra Undeveloped? Politics and Stagnation in the Rivers of South Asia [13:4]

Cruikshank, Bruce

  • Agents of Apocalypse: Epidemic Diseases in the Colonial Philippines, by Ken De Bevoise [28:1]

  • Villains, Victims, and Villeins: Studies of the Philippine Economy / A Review Essay [17:3]

Cruikshank, Robert [Bruce], and Luzviminda Francisco

  • Exchange on the Philippines [6:2]

Cumings, Bruce (see also Roberts, Moss)

  • Boundary Displacement: Area Studies and International Studies during and after the Cold War [29:1]

  • Introduction (on South Korea) [9:2]

  • Korea: The Untold Story of the War by Joseph C. Golden / A Short Review [15:3]

  • The Life of a Korean Communist: Nym Wales and Kim San, Song of Ariran / A Review [6:3]

  • Old and New Korean Wars [26:1-2]

  • Postscript: Response to My Friends and Critics [29:2]

  • Reflections on Schurmann's Theory of the State [8:4]

  • Tribute to Alan Wolfe [31:1]

Curry, Kate

  • The Development of Petty Commodity Production in Mughal India [14:1]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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