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Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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D'Costa, Anthony P.

  • India in the World System/A Review Essay [25:4]

Dabney, Linda

  • J. Quinsaat et al, Letters in Exile: An Introductory Reader on the History of Philipinos in America / A Review [9:2]

Dagoob, Gerundio (see Selden, Mark)

Dai Houying

  • Father's Milk is also Blood Transformed / A Translation by Jeanette L. Faurot [16:3]

Dai Qing

  • No! / Translation by Dale R. Johnson [16:3]

Daizen, Victoria

  • Japanese Corporate Zen [12:1]

Davidson, D. W. S.

  • Politics of the Left in Taiwan / Interview [12:2]

de Bary, Brett (see also Nee, Victor)

  • After the War: Translations from Miyamoto Yuriko [16:2]

  • Sanya: Japan's Internal Colony [6:3] [by Breet Nee]

  • Tribute to Alan Wolfe [31:1]

de Guzman, Arnel, and Tito Craig

  • Counterinsurgency War in the Philippines and the Role of the United States [23:1]

De Koninck, Rodolphe

  • Getting Them to Work Profitably: How the Small Peasants Help the Large Ones, the State and Capital [15:2]

Deane, Hugh

  • The Origins of the Korean War by Bruce Cummings [15:3]

DeCamp, Richard

  • The GI Movement in Asia [4:1]

Deckers, Wolfgang

  • World Bank Plans for China / A Review [22:1]

Decornoy, Jacques

  • Laos: the Forgotten War [2:3]

DeFrancis, John

  • China's Literary Renaissance: A Reassessment

  • Writing Reform: Back to the Future [25:2]

Delman, Jorgen (see Christensen, Peter Moller)

Dematteis, Lou, and Dana Sachs

  • A Portrait of Viet Nam / photo essay [30:1]

Desai, Manisha

  • From Astitva (Existence) toward Vyaktitva (Identity): The Challenges of a Local Feminism [31:3]

Desser, David (see Studlar, Gaylyn)

Deyo, Frederic, Stephan Haggard, and Hagen Koo

  • Labor in the Political Economy of East Asian Industrialization [19:2]

Dhanagare, D. N.

  • The Green Revolution and Social Inequalities in Rural India [20:2]

Dhasal, Namdeo

  • So That My Mother May Be Convinced .../A Poem [10:3]

  • Song of the Republic and the Dog / A Poem [10:3]

Diamond, Norma (see also Kagan, Richard C.)

  • Collectivization, Kinship, and the Status of Women in Rural China [7:1]

Diario, Ruben

  • Managing the Media Filipino Style [6:1]

Ding Ling

  • A Day / Short Story [8:1]

Dirlik, Arif

  • Commentary (on Su Shaozhi) [20:1]

  • Postsocialism? Reflections on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics [21:1]

  • The Saga of Anthropology in China, by Gregory Eliyu Guldin [27:4]

Disney, Nigel

  • Perspectives on China / Reviews of Books by L. Maitan, J. van Ginneken and Bao Ruo-wang, and R. Chelminski [10:3]

Doak, Kevin M.

  • Japanese Political Discourse on Education / Book review [28:3-4]

Doner, Rick

  • The Development of Agribusiness in Thailand [6:1]

Dore, R. P.

  • On the Possibility and Desirability of a Theory of Modernization [1:3]

Doub, Bill and Nancy (see Livingston, Jon)

Doub, Marian

  • Reflections on the NGO Forum on Women '95 [27:3]

Dowd, Douglas

  • What Must the University Be? [3:2]

Dower, John W.

  • Art, Children, and the Bomb [16:2]

  • Asia and the Nixon Doctrine: Ten Points of Note [2:4]

  • The Eye of the Beholder: Background Notes on the US-Japan Military Relationship [2:1]

  • Introduction to People Under Feudalism [9:2]

  • A Message from the Showa Emperor [31:4]

  • Occupied Japan: A Working Bibliography [6:1]

  • Okubo Genji and the Institute of Pacific Relations: The Unfinished Agenda / A Tribute [19:2]

  • Science, Society, and the Japanese Atomic Bomb Project During WWII [10:2]

Doyle, Jean

  • A Review of Chou En-lai and the Chinese Revolution and Conversations With Americans by D. Davison and M. Selden [10:3]

Duara, Prasenjit (see also Fitzgerald, John)

  • After Colonialism: Imperial Histories and Postcolonial Displacements, by Gyan Prakash (short review) [29:1]

Duhaylungsod, Levita and David Hyndman (see also Hyndman, David)

  • Where All That Glitters is Not Gold: Crossroads of Mining Exploration in the T'boli Homeland [24:3]

Duke, Michael S.

  • Chinese Literature in the Post-Mao Era: The Return of Critical Realism [16:3]

Dutt, Ela

  • The Naga Nation and Its Struggle against Genocide / A Review [20:2]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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