Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Fairbank, John K. (see also Peck, James)

  • Comment (on Columbia CCAS report on Asian studies) [3:3-4]

Fairbank, John K., and James Peck

  • An Exchange (on China, etc.) [2:3]

Fairbank, John K., Joseph Esherick, and Marilyn Young

  • Imperialism in China: An Exchange [5:2]

Falk, Richard

  • The East Timor Ordeal: International Law and Its Limits [32:1-2]

Fang Pao

  • Prison Notes / A Translation [12:2]

Fenrich, Lane

  • The Enola Gay and the Politics of Representation [27:2]

  • Review of An Exhibit Denied: Lobbying the History of the Enola Gay, by Martin Harwit [30:1]

Fernandes, Leela

  • Contesting Class: Gender, Community, and the Politics of Labor in a Calcutta Jute Mill [26:4]

  • Review of Dry Wells and "Deserted" Women: Gender, Ecology and Agency in Rural India, by Brinda Rao [30:1]

Fforde, Adam

  • In Response to Jayne Werner's Socialist Development: The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Vietnam [17:1]

Field, Norma

  • The Devastating Absence of Surprise [27:3]

  • Review of Creating Socialist Women: Gender, Labour, and Activism, 1900-1937, by Vera C. Mackie; Treacherous Women of Imperial Japan: Patriarchal Factions, Patriarchal Fantasies, by H‚lŠneBowen Raddeker [31:4]

Field, Stephen

  • He shang and the Plateau of Ultrastability [23:2]

Figal, Gerald

  • An Ainu Memoir / Book review [28:3-4]

Fishman, Charles

  • The War Moves On / A Poem [7:3]

Fitzgerald, John, Uradyn E. Bulag, and John Lie, with a response by Prasenjit Duara

  • Rescuing History from the Nation: Questions and Narratives of Modern China, by Prasenjit Duara [29:4]

Fleischman, Al

  • Asia: Reference Works, A Select Annotated Guide by G.R. Nunn; America in Asia: Research Guides on United States Economics in Pacific Asia by Asia-North America Communications Center (ed) / A Review [14:1]

Flood, Thadeus

  • The Thai Left Wing in Historical Context [7:2]

  • The Vietnamese Refugees in Thailand: Minority Manipulation and Counterinsurgency [9:3]

Fong, Katheryn M.

  • An Open Letter: Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior / A Review [9:4]

Fonte, Michael J. (see Kagan, Richard)

Foster-Carter, Aidan

  • North Korean Development and Self-Reliance: A Critical Analysis [9:1]

Francis, Corrina-Barbara

  • Interview with Kang Ning-hsiang [17:3]

Francisco, Luzviminda (see also Cruikshank, Robert)

  • The First Vietnam: The Philippine-American War of 1899 [5:4]

Frank, Andre Gunder (see also Balland, Daniel)

  • Area Studies Symposium Response: The Cold War and Me [29:3]

  • The Centrality of Central Asia [24:2]

  • Review of Asia in Western and World History: A Guide for Teaching, ed. Ainslie T. Embree and Carol Gluck [30:3]

Franke, Richard W. (see also Thomas Isaac, T. M.)

  • East Timor: Nationalism and Colonialism by Jill Jolliffe / A Review [11:2]

  • East Timor Report by M. Chamberlain / A Review [13:2]

  • East Timor: The Responsibility of the United States [15:2]

  • Four Books on Indonesia / A Review Essay [12:4]

  • A Guide to Radical Literature on Economic Development With Special Reference to Asian Economic Development [6:4]

  • Imperialism and Dependence: A Review of Weinstein's Indonesian Foreign Policy and the Dilemma of Dependence [9:4]

  • Indonesian Workers and Their Right to Organize / A Short Review [15:2]

  • The International Conference on Democratic Decentralization (Kerala, India) / Conference Report [32:3]

  • Of Rural Proletarian Struggles: Mobilization and Organization of Rural Workers in Southwest India, by K.P. Kannan / A Review [23:1]

  • Solution to the Asian Food Crisis: Green Revolution or Social Revolution? [6:4]

  • West Papua New Guinea: A Review of Nonie Sharp's The Rule of the Sword: The Story of West Irian [10:1]

Franke, Richard W., and Arnold S. Kohen

  • Bibliography: East Timor [11:2]

Franke, Richard W., and Barbara H. Chasin

  • The International Congress on Kerala Studies [26:3]

Franke, Richard W., Barbara H. Chasin, et al.

  • The Kerala Model of Development: A Debate (Part 1) [30:3]

Fredrick, Cynthia

  • Cambodia: Operation Total Victory No. 43 [2:3]

  • The Vietnamization of Saigon Politics [3:1]

Freedom from Debt Coalition

  • Unity Statement [26:4]

Freiberg, J. W.

  • The Dialectic in China: Maoist and Daoist [9:1]

Friedman, Edward (see also McDonald, Angus W.; and Polumbaum, Judy)

  • China, Pakistan, Bangladesh [4:1]

  • Chinese Foreign Policy and American Social Science [6:2]

  • Commentary (on Su Shaozhi) [20:1]

  • Extremists are Extremely Extreme [2:2]

  • Learning About China After the Revolution ... for the First Time! [13:2]

  • Mythmakers and Manicheans on China / A Review [25:2]

  • The Nixon-Mao Pact [1:3]

  • The Original Chinese Revolution Remains in Power [13:3]

  • Simon Leys Hates China; America Loves Simon Leys [10:3]

  • Surrejoinder (to Boardman on Social Science and the Study of Modern China) [6:2]

  • War with China and Enlightened American Newspapers [1:2]

Fry, Greg

  • The South Pacific Nuclear-Free Zone: Significance and Implications [18:2]

Fujita Kuniko

  • Women Workers, State Policy, and the International Division of Labor [20:3]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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