Back Issues of the Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars Indexed By Author

Note: The Bulletin generally follows the East and Northeast Asian practice of placing surnames first in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean names. The indexes follow this policy, even if the back issue in question did not.

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Gala, Chetna

  • Empowering Women in Villages: All-Women Village Councils in Maharashtra, Inda [29:2]

Gao, Mobo

  • China in Transition: Issues and Debates / Review Essay [32:3]

  • Chinese Reality and Writings by Chinese Expatriates / review essay [30:3]

  • Rural Situation in Post-Mao China and the Conditions of Migrant Workers: The Case of Gao Village / Research Report [30:4]

Garavente, Anthony

  • Scholarly Tour de Force; Mountain Fires: The Red Army's Three-Year War in South China, 1934-1938, by Gregor Benton / review [28:1]

  • Solving the Mystery of the Long March, 1934-1936 / commentary [27:3]

Gardezi, Hassan N. (see also Gough, Kathleen)

  • The City in South Asia: Pre-Modern and Modern by K. Ballhatchet and J. Harrison (eds) / A Review [14:1]

  • South Asia and the Asiatic Mode of Production: Some Conceptual and Empirical Problems [11:4]

  • Quest for Freedom: The United States and India's Independence, by Kenton J. Clymer (review) [27:3]

  • Courting the Washington Twins at the Cost of Economic Justice [27:4]

Gardezi, Hassan, and Hari Sharma

  • Introduction. The South Asian Bomb: Reality and Illusion [31:2]

Gardezi, Hassan, and Jamil Rashid

  • Communication: Academia in Pakistan under Military Terror [14:3]

Gardner, Harvey

  • Academic Incompetence [3:2]

Gates, Hill, and Kenneth Pomeranz

  • An Exchange [30:3]

Gault-Williams, Malcolm

  • Funu (Liberation War) Continues in East Timor [22:3]

  • Organisasi Papua Merdeka: The Free Papua Movement Lives [19:4]

Geisert, Brad

  • Nationalist China at War: Military Defeats and Political Collapse, 1937-45 by Hsi-sheng Ch'i / A Review [16:2]

George, K. K.

  • The Kerala Model of Development: A Debate (Part 2). Historical Roots of Kerala Model and Its Present Crisis [30:4]

Gerow, Aaron

  • Consuming Asia, Consuming Japan: The New Neonational Revisionism in Japan [30:2]

Gershman, John, and Michelle Edrada

  • Debacles of Development: The World Bank in Asia [26:4]

Gettleman, Marvin E.

  • Against Cartesianism: Preliminary Notes on Three Generations of English-Language Poliical Discourse on Vietnam [21:2-4]

  • The War Within: America's Battle over Vietnam, by Tom Wells (short review) [27:1]

Ghosh, Suniti Kumar

  • The Indian Bourgeoisie and Imperialism [15:3]

  • On the Transfer of Power in India [17:3]

Gillin, Donald

  • Pye's Warlord Politics / A Review [8:2]

Gills, Barry K.

  • The Coup that Never Happened: the Anatomy of the Death of Kim Il Sung [19:3]

Girdner, Eddie J.

  • Behind the Poison Cloud: Union Carbide's Bhopal Massacre / A Review Essay [18:4]

  • Social Ferment in India / A Review Essay [19:3]

  • Storm over the Sutlej: The Akali Politics by A.S. Narang / A Review [17:3]

Gluck, Carol

  • Tribute to Alan Wolfe [31:1]

Goldman, Michael

  • Cultivating Hot Peppers and Water Crises in India's Desert: Towards a Theory of Understanding Ecological Crisis [23:4]

Goldstein, Jonathan

  • Vietnam Research on Campus: The Summit/Spicerack Controversy at the University of Pennsylvania, 1965-67 [15:4]

Gomes, Elizabete Lim

  • Birth in the Great Mountain Tatamailau; The Waiting Game; The Shrine of Remembrance; Rai Inan, Motherland / poetry [32:1-2]

Gonsalves, Paul Sanjoy

  • Review of Interpreter of Maladies: Calcutta, Boston, and Beyond, by Jhumpa Lahiri [32:3]

Goodman, Cheryl Payer (see under Payer, Cheryl)

Goodman, David G.

  • Introduction to Two Languages Two Souls [10:3]

Gopinath, K.

  • The State of India's Environment 1982: A Citizen's Report by Anil Agarwal, Ravi Chopra, and Kalpana Sharma / A Review [16:1]

Gosling, L. A. Peter

  • The Association for Asian Studies and the National Security Education Program: Scholarship or Tabloid Journalism? [29:1]

Gough, Kathleen

  • Anthropology and the Third World [1:4]

  • The Green Revolution in South India and North Vietnam [10:1]

  • India and Vietnam Compared: Family Planning and Everyday Life [9:2]

  • Indian Peasant Uprisings [8:3]

  • An Indochinese Conference in Vancouver [3:3-4] [by Kathleen Aberle]

  • Interviews in Kampuchea [14:4]

  • Kampuchea / Correspondence [18:3]

  • Saghir Ahmad [4:1]

  • The South Asian Revolutionary Potential [4:1]

Gough, Kathleen, and Hassan Gardezi

  • The Soviet Threat in the South Pacific / Correspondence [19:2]

Grafflin, Dennis

  • Orientalism's Attack on Orientalism [15:3]

Gray, Nigel

  • Aftermath, The Ugly American, and a Child's Guide to the Vietnam War / Poems [8:4]

Grijns, Mies (see Smyth, Ines) Grunfeld, A. Tom (see also Polumbaum, Judy)

  • La Chine: La Question des Minorites en Chine, by Charles Le Blanc and Dennis Helly, eds. / A Review [16:4]

  • The Coming Decline of the Chinese Empire by Victor Louis; The Tibetans by Chris Mullin; The Struggle for Basic Needs in Nepal by P.M. Blaikie et al; Peasants and Workers in Nepal edited by D. Seddon / A Review Essay [14:3]

  • Deadly Deceits: My 25 Years in the CIA, by Ralph W. McGehee / A Review [16:4]

  • Rejoinder (to van Walt's reply to "Roof of the World") [10:3]

  • Roof of the World / A Review Essay [9:1]

  • In Search of Equality: Relations Between China's Ethnic Minorities and the Majority Han [17:1]

  • The Shanghai Syndrome: Spies and Politics, East and West / A Review Essay [22:2]

Gu Cheng

  • Poems / Translated by Shiao-ling Yu [16:3]

Guldin, Greg, and Laurel Kendall

  • Old Madame Yin by Ida Pruitt / Two Short Reviews [13:4]

Gunn, Edward

  • The Rhetoric of He shang: From Cultural Criticism to Social Act [23:3]

Gunn, Geoffrey C. (see also van Klinken, Gerry)

  • The 500-Year Timorese Funu [32:1-2]

  • Minority Manipulation in Colonial Indochina: Lessons and Legacies [19:3]

  • Showdown in Timor: Notes from the (Battle) Field / Notes from the Field [32:4]

Guo Mo-ruo

  • Revolution and Literature / An essay [8:1]

Gupta, Dipankar

  • Review of S. Banerjee's In the Wake of Naxalbari [13:1]

Gurley, John G.

  • Capitalist and Maoist Economic Development [2:3]

  • The Chinese Worker / A Review Essay [7:3]

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PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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