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Agrarian Conditions and Agriculture

Al McCoy - Land Reform as Counter-Revolution [3:1]

Ngo Vinh Long - Land Reform? [3:2]

Gareth Porter - The Myths of the Bloodbath: North Vietnam's Land Reform Reconsidered [5:2]

Ben Kerkvliet - The Philippines: Agrarian Conditions in Luzon Prior to Martial Law [5:2]

Rick Doner - The Development of Agribusiness in Thailand [6:1]

Richard Franke - Solution to the Asian Food Crisis: Green Revolution or Social Revolution? [6:4]

Gail Omvedt - Agrarian Crisis in India/ A Review Essay [6:4]

Benedict Stavis - Wang and Apthorpe's Rice Farming in Taiwan/ A Review [7:3]

Benedict Stavis - How China is Solving Its Food Problem [7:3]

Steve Lewontin - Hunger: J. Collins and F. Lappe, Food First: Beyond the Myth of Scarcity; S. George, How the Other Half Dies: The Real Reasons for World Hunger/ A Review Essay [10:1]

Kathleen Gough - The Green Revolution in South India and North Vietnam [10:1]

June P. Morgan - The Green Revolution in Asia: False Promise of Abundance [10:1]

Chuck Cell - Review of Dwight Perkins' Rural Small Scale Industry in the People's Republic of China [10:3]

T. G. Cannon - Review of M. Franda's India's Rural Development [13:1]

Mitch Meisner and Marc Blecher - Rural Development, Agrarian Structure and the County in China [13:2]

Victor Nee - Post-Mao Changes in a South China Production Brigade [13:2]

James K. Boyce and Betsy Hartmann - Who Works, Who Eats? [13:4]

Geoffrey D. Wood - Rural Class Formation in Bangladesh 1940-80 [13:4]

Willem van Schendel - After the Limelight: Longer-term Effects of Rural Development in a Bangladesh Village [13:4]

Asoka Bandarage - The Establishment and Consolidation of the Planation Economy in Sri Lanka [14:3]

Edmund K. Oasa and Bruce H. Jennings - Science and Authority in International Agricultural Research [14:4]

Gary Hawes - Southeast Asian Agribusiness: The New International Division of Labor [14:4]

Benjamin White - Agricultural Innovation and Its Critics: Twenty Years After [15:2]

Joseph Tharamangalam - The Penetration of Capitalism and Agrarian Change in Southwest India, 1901-1941 [16:1]

Akmal Hussain - Land Reform in Pakistan: A Reconsideration [16:1]

Jayne Werner - Socialist Development: The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Vietnam [16:2]

Kawamura Nozomu - Fukutake Tadashi: Rural Sociologist of Postwar Japan [16:2]

Jayne Werner - Rejoinder to Adam Fforde (on agrarian reform in Vietnam [17:1]

Adam Fforde - In Response to Jane Werner's Socialist Development: The Political Economy of Agrarian Reform in Vietnam [17:1]

David Barkin - Food Self-Sufficiency in North Korea [18:4]

Robert Cribb - Capitalism and Confrontation in Sumatra's Plantation Belt/ A Review [19:1]

Angus W. McDonald, Edward Friedman, and David Barkin - Food Self-Sufficiency in North Korea/ Correspondence [19:2]

D. N. Dhanagare - The Green Revolution and Social Inequalities in Rural India [20:2]

Lau Pok-chi and Jonathan Unger - Between Mao and Manna: A Photo-Essay on the Chinese Countryside in Transition [21:1]

Mark Selden, Gerundio Dagoob, and Nita Mahinay - Interview with Philippine Sugar Workers [22:4]

Philip Hirsch - Marginal People on Marginal Land/ A Review Essay [22:4]

Richard W. Franke - Of Rural Proletarian Struggles: Mobilization and Organization of Rural Workers in Southwest India, by K.P. Kannan/ A Review [23:1]

Olle Tornquist - Power, Labor, and Livelihood: Processes of Change in Rural Java, by Gillian Hart/ A Review [23:2]

Ohno Kazuoki - Japanese Agriculture Today: The Roots of Decay [24:4]

Zhu Ling and Mark Selden - Agricultural Cooperation and the Family Farm in China [25:3]

Linda Gail Arrigo - The Environmental Nightmare of the Economic Miracle: Land Abuse and Land Struggles in Taiwan [26:1-2]

Gail Omvedt - Agrarian Transformation, Agrarian Struggles, and Marxist Analyses of the Peasantry / A Review Essay [26:3]

Brendan J. Luyt - Philippine Forests / Book review [28:3-4]

Darrell Gene Moen - The Japanese Organic Farming Movement: Consumers and Farmers United [29:3]

Leela Fernandez - Gender, Ecology and Agency in Rural India / Review [30:1]

Phillip Hookon Park - The Cause of the Acute Food Crisis in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea [30:4]

Mobo Gao - Rural Situation in Post-Mao China and the Conditions of Migrant Workers: The Case of Gao Village [30:4]

PDF copies of BCAS volumes may be downloaded here

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