Articles Related to India

"Birds of Passage"

Migration of South Indian Laborers to Southeast Asia

Adapa Satyanarayana

Volume 34, Number 1 - March 2002

"What Does It Mean to Be a Marxist?"

Hari Sharma and the Marxist Tradition

Jan Myrdal

Volume 45, Number 1 - March 2013

A Women's Tea Plantation Workers' Strike in Munnar, Kerala

Lessons for Trade Unions in Contemporary India

Rajalaxmi Kamath and Smita Ramanathan

Volume 49, Number 2 - June 2017

Adivasis In and Against the State

Subaltern Politics and State Power in Contemporary India

Alf Gunvald Nilsen

Volume 44, Number 2 - June 2012

American Grand Strategy and the Assassination of the Third World

Vijay Prashad

Volume 37, Number 1 - March 2005

Asian War Machines

Zia Mian, M.V. Ramana

Volume 46, Number 2 - June 2014

Aspects of Socioeconomic Exclusion in Kerala, India

Reflections from an Urban Slum

J. Devika

Volume 48, Number 2 - June 2016

“We Are Sons of This Soil”

The Endless Battle over Indigenous Homelands in Assam, India

Nel Vandekerckhove

Volume 41, Number 4 - December 2009

Breaking Through a Double Invisibility

The Communist Women of Bengal, 1939–1948

Soma Marik

Volume 45, Number 1 - March 2013

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