Articles Related to Sri Lanka

A Grammar of Emergence

Culture and the State in the Post-Tsunami Resettlement of Burgher Women of Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Neloufer de Mel

Volume 49, Number 1 - March 2017

Advocating for Sri Lankan Migrant Workers

Obstacles and Challenges

Michele R. Gamburd

Volume 41, Number 1 - March 2009

Birds of Freedom

Young People, the LTTE, and Representations of Gender, Nationalism, and Governance in Northern Sri Lanka

Cathrine Brun

Volume 40, Number 3 - September 2008

High in the Hierarchy, Rich in Diversity

Asian Domestic Workers, Their Networks, and Employers' Preferences in Yemen

Marina de Regt

Volume 40, Number 4 - December 2008

Humanitarian NGOs and Meditations of Political Order in Sri Lanka

Birgitte Refslund Sørensen

Volume 40, Number 1 - March 2008

Of Maids and Madams

Sri Lankan Domestic Workers and Their Employers in Jordan

Elizabeth Frantz

Volume 40, Number 4 - December 2008

Peace Building without Using the Word "Peace"

National NGOs' Reputational Management Strategies during a Peace–to–War Transition in Sri Lanka

Oliver Walton

Volume 44, Number 3 - September 2012

Reaping the Harvest of Peace?

The Politics of Reconstruction during Sri Lanka's 2002 Peace Process

Camilla Orjuela

Volume 40, Number 2 - June 2008

The Making of a Transnational Grassroots Migrant Movement

A Case Study of Hong Kong's Asian Migrants' Coordinating Body

Hsiao-Chuan Hsia

Volume 41, Number 1 - March 2009

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