Articles Related to Taiwan

A Study in Social Change

The Domestic Violence Prevention Movement in Taiwan

Elaine Chao

Volume 37, Number 1 - March 2005

Reevaluating the Taiwanese Democracy Movement

A Comparative Analysis of Opposition Organizations under Japanese and KMT Rule

Andreas Martin Fulda

Volume 34, Number 3 - September 2002

Revaluing Marital Immigrants

Educated Professionalism and Precariousness among Chinese Spouses in Taiwan

Sara L. Friedman

Volume 48, Number 4 - December 2016

The Guest Labor System in Taiwan

Labor Market Considerations, Wage Injustices, and the Politics of Foreign Labor Brokerage

Robert Tierney

Volume 39, Number 2 - June 2007

The Possibility of Liminal Colonial Subjecthood

Yayutz Bleyh and the Search for Subaltern Histories in the Japanese Empire

Kirsten L. Ziomek

Volume 47, Number 1 - March 2015

Vanishing Natives and Taiwan's Settler Colonial Unconsciousness

Katsuya Hirano, Lorenzo Veracini, and Toulouse Roy

Volume 50, Number 2 - June 2018

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