Parallel Lives

A Conversation between Hwang Suk-young and Bao Ninh Two Veterans of the Vietnam War

Author: Charles K. Armstrong and Clara Lee


Translator's Preface

The dialogue below is a translation of a conversation between South Korean novelist Hwang Suk-young and Vietnamese novelist Bao Ninh, who met in Seoul on 4 June 2000. Held a few days before the historic summit meeting between South Korean President Kim Dae Jung and North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang, the Hwang Suk-young -Bao Ninh meeting is probably the first such encounter between two major novelists of the Vietnam War from South Korean and Vietnam. The conversation first appeared in the South Korean weekly news journal Hangyoreh 21 on 22 June 2000. The translators would like to thank the editors of Hangyoreh 21 for their kind permission to reproduce the article here.
Regions: East Asia
Countries: Korea

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September 2001
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