Introduction to Distant Divides and Intimate Connections, Part 1

Andolan and the "Muttontown Slave Case"

Author: Nicole Constable


This article introduces a two-page collection of articles entitled "Distant Divides and Intimate Connections." Guest edited by Nicole Constable, the series illustrates the intimate connections and the distant divides that characterize the lives and experiences of migrant domestic workers – in the Middle East (West Asia) as well as in East and Southeast Asia – often rendering the workers isolated among intimate strangers and vulnerable to abuse, but also offering possibilities for sources of support and advocacy. Articles in Part 2 (forthcoming in March 2009) are "Protecting Sri Lankan Migrant Workers: Obstacles and Challenges," by Michele R. Gamburd; "Transcending the Border: Transnational Imperatives in Singapore's Migrant Worker Rights Movement," by Lenore Lyons; "The Making of a Transnational Grassroots Migrant Movement in Hong Kong: A Case Study of the Asian Migrants Coordinating Body," by Hsiao-Chuan Hsia; "Migrant Workers and the Many States of Protest in Hong Kong," by Nicole Constable; and "Indonesian Workers in Macau: The Human Outcome of Colluding Interests," by Amy Sim and Vivienne Wee.

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December 2008
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