Migration in Far West Nepal

Reflections on Movements in and from the Region

Author: Ronald Skeldon


In this comment on an article published in Critical Asian Studies 43 (1), "Migration in Far West Nepal," the author questions whether the "Bourdieu social practice framework," which Ephraim Poertner, Mathais Junginger, and Ulrike Müller-Böker employ in their article, provides the most appropriate lens through which to view migration. He argues that the authors fail to present convincing evidence of the relevance of its application. Furthermore, he says, a further dichotomy might need to be addressed first: that between French approaches to social theory and Anglo-Saxon approaches such as that of Anthony Giddens, where the time/space dimensions are much more evident, even if problematic, in the examining structure and agency.

Regions: South Asia
Countries: Nepal
Topics: Migration

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