Migration in Far West Nepal

Challenging Migration Categories and Theoretical Lenses

Author: Ephraim Poertner | Mathias Junginger | and Ulrike Müller-Böker


In this reply to Ronald Skeldon's comment on their article, "Migration in Far West Nepal" (Critical Asian Studies 43 [1] 2011), the authors stress the need to overcome the categorical dichotomy between "international" and "internal" migration by thoroughly considering the conditions and characteristics different types of cross-border regimes encompass for migrants. They furthermore argue that choosing the "right" theoretical approach or conceptual framework depends on the kinds of research questions that need to be answered. By understanding migration as a social practice, the authors favor a multi-dimensional approach to migration, one that does not place economic motives over others. Ultimately, they call for a reconciliation of different – competing – perspectives on migration.

Regions: South Asia
Countries: Nepal
Topics: Migration

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December 2011
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