Geopolitics and New Spatial Imaginaries

Author: Caglar Keyder and Ravi Arvind Palat


The three articles that follow in this CAS feature collection – those by Candela, Harrar, and Fisher Onar – were first written for a workshop entitled "Shifting Geopolitical Ecologies and New Spatial Imaginaries," during the third Inter-Asian Connections conference in Hong Kong, in June 2012. The aim of the workshop was to identify and bring into discussion emerging mental, cultural, and political conceptions of spatial categories in Asia. Workshop organizers Caglar Keyder and Ravi Arvind Palat introduce the articles below and Palat provides background and context for the articles in his own article, "Maps of Time, Clocks of Space: Changing Imaginaries of Asia" (397–410).

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September 2013
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