Article Submission

Critical Asian Studies covers the Asia and Pacific regions, with an emphasis on exposing injustices and exploring processes of social change. Dissident and controversial views and the perspective of indigenous Asians are particularly welcome. Authors interested in submitting a manuscript to Critical Asian Studies can do so through our Scholar One platform.

In addition, we ask authors to submit a cover letter that (1) provides brief biographical details on the author(s); (2) certifies that the manuscript represents original work is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and (3) explains how the proposed work reflects the aims and scope of Critical Asian Studies (see here for more info).

In preparing a manuscript for review, authors are strongly encouraged to download, read, and follow our Author Guidelines and Reference Stylesheet (see below).

Please do not email the full text of the article before receiving a request to do so. And do not mail a printed copy unless specifically requested to do so.


Download Author Guidelines | Download Reference Stylesheet