Articles Related to Anti-war Movement

Cultures of War Roundtable (Round Two)

Laura Hein, guest editor, with Sheila Jager, Monica Kim, Ravi Palat, Emily Rosenberg, and Ussama Makdisi

Volume 43, Number 4 - December 2011

Fighting the Korean War in Pacifist Japan

Korean and Japanese Leftist Solidarity and Transnational Linkages of U.S. Cold War Containment

Deokhyo Choi

Volume 49, Number 4 - December 2017

Hanoi's War

An International History of the War for Peace in Vietnam

David G. Marr

Volume 45, Number 1 - March 2013


My Comrade

Hassan N. Gardezi

Volume 42, Number 1 - March 2010

Life and Death in Droneworld

Ian G.R. Shaw

Volume 44, Number 4 - December 2012